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  Gearbox Upgrade
Tackling the Esprit's Achilles Heel

Engine Rebuild
Guide on overhauling your engine

Gasflowing & Porting a Lotus 907 Head
Starter Motor
Removal & Maintenance
  Gearshift Improvement Kit
Bring your gearshift back to life
Refurbing Translator
A How to do Guide
(non-LEW website)
  Clutch 'Red' Hose Upgrade
Removal and Fitting
Clutch Cylinders
A Guide to replacing
A Guide to getting yours done
Electric Chargecooler Pump
A Guide to installing
  Chargecooler Impellor
A Guide to Replacing
Chargecooler Removal
A How to Gudie
  Engine Upgrade
More power for 900 engine
Fuel Injection Conversion
Injection for 912 engine
  Sports Exhaust
A Guide to what's out there
Sport Exhaust & Cat Removal
A Guide to Installing
  Blueflame Exhausts
Esprit owners experience
V8 Exhaust & Sports cats
A Guide to upgrading & Installing
  Crankcase Breather Filter
A Guide to installing and Why?
S3 Manifolds
A Guide to Installing
  Changing the TPS
That's Throttle Position Sensor!
4 Cylinder Manifolds
Having a replacement fitted
  Fuel Breather Hose
A How to replace Guide
Oil Catch Tank
A Guide to installing and Why?
  Air Filter Upgrade (4 cyl.)
A Guide to Installing (Stevens)
Ram Air Conversion
A Guide to Converting
  Air Filter Upgrade (V8)
A Guide to Installing
Petrol Tanks
Removal and Fixing
  Turbo Timer Install
A Guide to Installing
Performance Air Filters (4cyl.)
A Guide to Installing (Giugiaro)
  V8 ECU Chips
A Basic Guide to Installing
Carbon Fibre Airbox
A Guide to Installing and review
  ECU Info, Reviews & Pricing
A Guide to what's on offer
Turbo Timer Review
A Review & Special Offer
  Dump Valve
A Guide to Installing
ECU Chips
A Guide to Installing
  V8 Dump Valve
A Guide to Installing
(non-LEW website)
Dump Valves
'Full Kit for only £155'
  Engine Cover
V8 Dump Valve PDF
A pdf guide to Installing a silicone T-piece Valve
  G-Fuel Pump
Replacing Giugiaro Pump
Esprit Turbo Upgrade
A Guide to upgrades
  Smart Glow Fuse
Let your Esprit tell you what's wrong with it!
Changing Boost Valve
A How to Gudie
  Radiator & Oil Coolers
Replace yours at Lotus Specialists
CamShaft O-Rings
A Guide to replacing yours
  V8 Cambelt Tension
A how to check guide
S-Fuel Pump
Replacing Stevens Pump
  Alunox Motorsports Products
For the Lotus Esprit

Anything attempted on the following pages is undertaken at your own risk.


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