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Quick Guide to V8 Chip install

for V8 Twin Turbo Esprits

I haven't actually install one of these chips in a V8 yet, but these are the instructions that come with the chips. I am hoping to fit ones of these in a V8 and do a full install guide. Until then all I can do is give you the instructions to give you an idea of what needs doing. The only problem I can see, is the fact you'll need a boost gauge to set the valve properly (which V8's don't have). Luckly I'm testing a digital boost gauge soon.

V8-Chip installation Instructions and MBCV installation

1. disconnect battery
2. remove rear-right engine compartement cover
3. disconnect the ECM-connector
4. loosen strap at the ECM
5. remove ECM from bracket
6. remove screws from ECM-cover
7. Locate the two Eeprom-chips inside the ECM:
8. Remove the two SMD-Eeproms (please let an expert do this!)
9. Install the two sockets at the same place and correct location (please let an expert do this!)
10. Put in the new chips into the socket. Please be careful not to swap the High/Low chips by mistake !

The chip swap is ready ! Now, you have to install the ECM in the car again and make a test run. If this works out fine you may install the boost valve (MBCV)

1) please locate the red hose between the T and the solenoid. Its where the "10" arrow is pointing.
2) Look at this pic. this pic shows you the red hose:


Please install the valve inbetween this hose. Fist close the valve and make some test runs. Then open the valve half a turn and make another run. The open the valve another half turn and make a third run. And so on ..... till you get 0.85-0.9 bar with full throttle at about 5000 rpm. I would not recommend to exceed 0.9 bar with a stock engine.

Voilà ! You're ready :o)

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