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LICENCE TO THRILL James Bond’s classic ‘Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved me’ could be yours for £20k – but there’s a catch
Ethan Singh for The SUN, Published: 21:41, 9 Feb 2023 – Updated: 1:09, 10 Feb 2023
The famous motor will forever be remembered as the amphibious car Roger Moore used in the hit classic when it transformed into a submarine during a daring car chase.

The 1982 Esprit v3 is one of just 1,053 to ever be produced by the famous British manufacturer and only a handful are known to survive today. Since that Bond film premiered in 1977 the Lotus Esprit has become permanently associated with the British hero. And a lucky punter could get their hands on the famous motor, although it will only be a replica.

After watching the famous movie, one farmer was immediately inspired to purchase a Lotus Esprit in exactly the same make and model. He fell ill a few years ago and was forced to retire the beautiful motor to the barn on his farm. For the last few years the iconic car, which has a 2.2 litre engine, has been gathering dust and dirt.

But now he has entered a care home, his family has decided to sell the Lotus at Charterhouse Auctions in Sherbourne, Dorset. Despite the grime it has accumulated it is tipped to command a sale price of around £20,000 when it goes under the hammer. Auctioneer Richard Bromell said: "Arguably the most famous Lotus Esprit was the one used by Roger Moore as James Bond in The Spy Who Loved me which morphed into a submarine and this was the car which inspired the owner to buy his white Lotus Esprit 3.

"Today it looks slightly sad covered in a film of dust and dirt in the barn but that is only superficial. "I am sure the lucky new owner will have this Lotus back on the road in no time. "We expect to have a lot of interest in this sale."

In the film the plans for the submarine car had been stolen from a KGB agent before being used by the Q-department for 007's use. The original submarine Lotus used in The Spy Who Loved Me was bought by Elon Musk for over £500,000. He planned to fully transform the car to actually enable it for use on land and in the sea.

The iconic car will be on sale March 9.

It comes as a rare classic Ford that has had only one owner in the past 52 years could be yours for £60k.

Meanwhile, an incredible collection of Le Man's race cars are on sale after being put up on auction.


A Crazy Choice Stopped This Being The Greatest Supercar Of The 90s
Lotus Esprit V8 – Number 27
The Esprit was always on of the best handling mid engine sport cars out but for a long time the four cylinder engine prevented it from being a serious competitor to Ferraris and Lamborghinis. So Lotus built a V8 version which should have been by far the most powerful in its class.. but Lotus' design had a major flaw that prevented this Esprit from taking its rightful place as one of the 90s most revolutionary cars.





A Lotus Esprit for hire – MAC77!...An introduction

MAC 77 Specialist Car Hire & Me

Cars and technology have been the primary passions in my life and following a 20yr career running my own tech business, pursuing something with cars felt like the natural next move after a time out with my young family.

I've always been good at buying cars but never any good at parting with them, hence the collection has built over time, I guess technically starting in 1997 when I purchased my Escort RS Turbo S2!

I choose very specific cars that have influenced or shaped my past in some way, hence the more recent additions of our Knight Rider Trans-Am and Lotus Esprit S3 Turbo from TV & films that inspired a young boy!

Make no mistake though, these are also serious investments to me and no expense is spared in keeping them in tip top condition.

My purchases in order and a little history on each:

Ford Escort RS Turbo (1990)
As mentioned above our first car purchased in 1997 so this has been owned and cared for over 25yrs. She’s travelled to the south of France on multiple occasions and received Castrol GTX Magnatec oil changes every 4,000 miles. The car still has all the original glass, engine and turbo with just a few discreet modifications.

Ford Focus RS (2003)
Purchased new (2003 plate) and kept in the family throughout her life, now back in my ownership after a long standing buy-back deal with my brother was recently honoured. Completely original and never abused, the only modification is a Bluefin chip.

Vauxhall Astra GTE 16V (1991)
This was the path not taken in 97 when the Escort RS Turbo was the choice, always wanted one and this dropped in my lap in 2016. The car needed some body restoration and now looks amazing, with resto pictures available on our social channels. Oh… and that digital dash still looks futuristic today!

Tesla Model X P100DL (2018)
Being a tech person this car made a natural choice and is enjoyed by my family for road trips, it has top of the range extras including Full Self Drive Capability when the software is eventually rolls out here in the UK. Literally a car that improves over time, I call it my iPhone on wheels. The Falcon Wing Doors are a head turner and take me ‘Back to the Future’ ** Delorean nod **

Knight Rider Trans-Am (1991)
Another car that fell in my lap after meeting a good friend online through the purchase of an original Sega Outrun arcade machine (also pictured on our social channels). When I saw he’d acquired this car and I pestered & convinced him to sell it to me. I loved Michael Knight & KITT growing up. The car and forethought was ahead of its time and our model has an on board computer + touch screens that control car functions, much like our Tesla which is 27yrs its junior.

Lotus Turbo Esprit (1986)
Lastly and certainly not the least... I've always loved the Lotus Esprit, it’s just an icon which maintained its primary shape throughout the different production versions released over the years (in a similar way to the Porsche 911). For me, the Lotus influenced my past of course as a Bond car with the amazing submarine scene in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, but also my favourite computer game ‘Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge’ on the Commodore Amiga 500 https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_(video_game_series). When I saw this highly desirable S3 Turbo in Monaco White come up on a classic car website, I experienced what can only be described as a rush of blood!

There are other cars that tempt me all the time… however I have enough on my hands for now so unless something exceptional comes along I want to focus on these and get the hire business established so they can be appreciated and enjoyed by others.

Primarily started as a Chauffeured Wedding Car Hire business other enquiries have come along seeing the cars requested for TV/Film and display at corporate events. Watch this space!

If you have a special event coming up then please keep us in mind :)

Matthew Caunt
MAC 77 Specialist Car Hire
The Thornberries
+44 7700 177277



Diagnostic cable for Lotus Esprit
For sale is a custom-built 10-pin OBD-to-RS-232 adapter cable, plus a six foot RS-232-to-USB adapter cable (FTDI chipset). This cable set is for use with laptop PC diagnostic programs for all 1989 and later 4-cylinder Lotus Esprit cars equipped with Delco injection, as well as Lotus M100 Elans (vehicles with a 10-pin OBD connection port). Suitable for use with FreeScan, EspritMon, ElanScan, or Lotus Scan.

Read more HERE...


2003 Lotus Esprit V8 Last Edition
Sells For Double The Price Of A Brand New Emira
The Lotus Esprit enjoyed a long production run between 1976 and 2004, retaining its signature wedge-shaped silhouette despite the numerous updates during its lifecycle. A pristine 2003 Esprit V8 Last Edition went under the hammer in Bring A Trailer, fetching $144,444. This is almost double the base price of a brand-new Emira ($74,900), proving that the old Lotus sports car is still quite desirable.

Read more HERE...


The Lotus Esprit V8 Is an Underrated Exotic Sports Car
Doug DeMuro
Lotus Esprit V8 review! The Lotus Esprit V8 is a special exotic sports car -- and today I'm reviewing it! I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Esprit V8, and I'm going to show you all the cool stuff behind the Esprit. I'm also going to drive the Esprit V8 and show you what it's like behind the wheel.


I found the perfect James Bond Lotus
& it broke immediately


Lotus Esprit Diary – 2: What should I do with my Esprit?
Sports and GT Cars Sports and GT Cars
Driving my Lotus Esprit S3 and thinking about what to do with it. If I take it to the Lotus factory at Hethel, what do I need to sort out before I go?



1991 Lotus Esprit SE
Driver's Seat Retro



Do you have a JPS Esprit?
Classic Team Lotus want you
Classic Team Lotus are planning an event at Hethel on October 15th to celebrate 50 years of the JPS World Championships with Emerson Fittipaldi and the Type 72. We are looking for a JPS Esprit (or any other original JPS Lotus roadcars infact) to display at the event and wondered

if any Esprit World members would be interested in bringing along a JPS Esprit. Your car would be in a special JPS roadcar display area in the heart of the event at Hethel. If you schedule with us to bring along a car on the day, you would of course receive two free tickets to the 'Ticket Only' event and not need to pay any 'parking' fees that Lotus Cars 'might' decide they are charging.

If you are interested in being part of the event please contact William@classicteamlotus.co.uk and tell him about your car.


Lotus Esprit Diary - 8: Seriously broken?
Sports and GT Cars Sports and GT Cars
Did I do something stupid to damage the engine? Waiting for a recovery truck and ruminating on what was otherwise a Happy Father's Day!


July 2022

Lotus Esprit Diary – 7: How to change the brake pads... or not!
Sports and GT Cars Sports and GT Cars
My ongoing diary of Lotus Esprit S3 rolling restoration continues with setting out to change the rear brake pads... but it doesn't turn out quite as expected.


JUNE 2022

Electric Lotus Esprit restomod under consideration by Hethel’s new bespoke division
Simon Lane, boss of Lotus Advanced Performance, has given some indication of what’s on the horizon for the newly launched division.by: Matt Robinson
Earlier this year, Lotus Advanced Performance was launched, promising to bring various existing elements of the British sports car brand (including motorsport and the Lotus Driving Academy) under one roof, with various new services added to the roster.

Speaking to Auto Express at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Simon Lane, who’s heading up the new endeavour, gave some indication of what’s to come.

Perhaps the most interesting part involves special vehicles, which Lane explained will be arranged in three “tiers”.

“The first one is using existing platforms to develop our own low-volume, special runs of cars,” he said, adding, “So we've got three platforms down there [Emira, Evija and Eletre] - we could potentially top out those cars, do something different with the powertrain and so on.”

Possibly giving some context to an image of a mysterious single-seater included in the original Lotus Advanced Performance press release, Lane revealed another part of this plan. “We've got a really good relationship with Clive Chapman and Classic Team Lotus across the road [from Lotus’s Hethel HQ], and discovered some incredible designs that were done in the Colin Chapman era that never saw the light of day,” he said. “So wouldn't it be amazing to bring one or two of those to life but maybe with a modern twist?”

Tier two involves restomods, with Lotus having no shortage of revered cars in its back catalogue to make more useable. “Some of the most iconic classic cars if you drive today, I'd argue they're not actually that nice to drive”. Under the skin would go modern suspension, updated interiors and drivetrains with “modern power levels”.

One way Lotus may do this is with electric conversions. “We can potentially electrify an Esprit for example – that's something we're thinking about doing,” Lane said.

We won’t have long to wait before seeing the fruits of these efforts, with the first official restomod Lotus set to arrive in 2023.

The final tier of special vehicles involves motorsport, from which we’ve already seen something – the new Emira GT4.

Meanwhile, Lotus Advanced has already started planning and executing events for owners, and its first bespoke vehicle options will appear on the Evija electric hypercar.

The Emira will join the fray, starting with a Lotus Advanced colour palette arriving on the configurator towards the end of 2022, and special graphics are also on the way.

Anything more intensive will have to wait. “To go into true bespoke, I'd like to get there, but we need to learn to walk before we try and run.”



Lotus Esprit S2 Goes to SUPERCAR FEST
CR classics
This video is about me and my Lotus Esprit S2's journey to Supercar Fest, It's the furthest it's gone since the major work it has had done and it's the first big show I've ever taken it to since owning the car.


MAY 2022

Lotus Esprit S2 – Getting Tanked
granblogismo youTube
Next up for the Lotus Esprit S2 restoration is getting the fuel tanks out. This was easier than expected but still had its challenges with 30 year-old fuel going all over my driveway! Thinking about the next steps of the restoration it's clear I need to find a dedicated space so going to pause the Esprit resto for the moment and resume when I have a garage/workshop to kick things into a higher gear and bring you more consistent and higher quality footage!


APRIL 2022


MARCH 2022

How to get a tall driver into a Lotus Esprit
Sports and GT Cars Sports and GT Cars
How can you get a tall driver into a Lotus Esprit? You need to make some extra legroom and more headroom, as well as more space for your feet. This video shows you how to fit a steering wheel spacer and other modifications to allow tall people to drive the Esprit.



Lotus Esprit Turbo on ITV4's The Car Years.


Lotus Esprit Turbo Cinematic Trailer
Vintage Motors Car The Sound Engines Vintage Motors Car The Sound Engines




Salvage Hunters: Lotus Esprit
Classic Cars S06E01
Salvage Hunters Classic Cars S06E01, lotus esprit, salvage hunters classic cars full episodes.

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