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Buckling up will never be the same!
Steering Wheels
A Guide to retro fitting
  Drilled Pedels
A Guide to installing
Alloy Gearshift Surround
Designing, Install guide and Ordering
  GT3 Gearknob
A Guide to Installing
Alloy Gear Surround
A Guide to Installing
  Heater Panel & Controls
A Guide to Installing
Alloy Handbrake Sleeve
A Guide to Installing
  Sport 300 Seat
A Guide to Installing
Stainless Steel Door Sills
Install guide and Ordering
  Alloy Dash Mask
A Guide to Installing
Programmable Wiper
Get control of your wipers
  Smart Glow Fuse
Let your Esprit tell you what's wrong with it!
Spare Wheel Removal
Weight saving for the Esprit
  Giugiaro LED Blubs
Stop the drain on your battery!
V8 LED Blubs
Stop the drain on your battery!
  Steering Wheel
Removeable boss
Not Suitable for Esprits
Keyless Entry
Fobs to lock and unlock your doors
  V8 Steering Wheels
A Guide to fitting a 'Nice' Airbag Wheel
(non-LEW website)
One Touch Window
Close your windows in one touch
  Fire Extingushers
Fit a Flamebeater in your Esprit!
Binnacle Removal
Pre-90 Stevens Instrument panel
  Leather Trimming Fix
Covering damaged leather
Interior Carpets
A Guide to fitting interior Carpets
  Steering Wheel Recon
A Guide to Reconditioning
Rubber Replacement
New Door & Sunroof rubbers
  Replacing Handbrake Lever
A How to Gudie
Inner Door Panel Removal
A Guide to Removing (post 1994)
  Inner Door Panel Removal
A Guide to Removing (pre 1994)
Electric Wing Mirror Control Panel
  Split Door Sleeve
Fixing and replacing
GM Alloy Stalk Replacements
A touch of quality to 1993 Esprits onwards
  Steering Wheel Conversion
Nardi to Momo
Cruise Control
Fitting kit to the Esprit
  V8 Gauge V8 Gauge Update
Added more gauges to your V8
starter button Starter Button
Fitting an Engine Start Button
  Rear View Mirror
Lowering The Rear View Mirror
Non-LEW page
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  V8 Gauge V8 Carbon Make-over
Carbon Extras on this V8
G-Car Binnacle Removal
From 1980-87 workshop manual
  V8 Gauge 1986 Esprit Wiring Guide
for installation of an aftermarket headset/stereo

Anything attempted on the following pages is undertaken at your own risk.

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