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Flamebeater Extingusher
Make sure your Esprit doesn't go up in flames!

There's been quite a few Esprits that have caught fire and gone up in flames. Lots of damage and lots of expense to fix. Most of these engine fires have been on the older carb'd Giugiaro's, but with most Esprit having turbo's and things getting very hot under the engine. It's worth carrying a fire extingusher whatever Esprit you own.

We've picked up one from Eliseparts.com. Small but powerful, it is safe to use on electrical or fuel fires. Comes in two styles:- Carbon or Brushed Aluminium and weighs less than 2LBs. Both Fire Extinguishers look Sporty and stylish but also have an important task to do in the event of a fire. Due to Airline rules Eliseparts cannot air freight these goods.

Now we've not tested the extingusher, as we didn't want to set fire to our engine, or anything else for that matter. We've fitted it! That's about it.

Should take about 20 minutes to fit.

You will need the following parts:

screws x 3

You will need the following tools:

2.5mm bit



Our Flamebeater came pretty quickly from Eliseparts.com. Sealed in a clear wrapper, we soon had that off! Instructions on the back on the extingusher.


Nice nozzle! Now where to fit it? We could think of three places other than sticking it in the glove compartment. You shouldn't keep it in the boot, as opening the boot if there's a fire is a bad idea, at least without an extingusher in hand.


We chose to mount if between the seats. We can get at it from the drivers seat if need be. To mount on the firewall, we used 3 wood screws (not supplied). Make sure these aren't too long, as you don't want them going through too far into the engine bay. Also make sure there aren't any pipes or caples running behind where you are drilling.


We used a 2.5mm drill bit to drill three holes for our screws. We Drilled through the mounting bracket and screwed in the first screw. We then drilled with the mounting in place so be sure of getting the holes in the right place.


Three screws in place the it's mounted. Now place the flamebeater into it's mounting and you're done.


Looks good, in carbon, considering we already have the sunroof, airbox and headlamp surrounds. Looks good, lets hope it works if it's ever needed!

LEW's Verdict

Not much to say. Other than you should carry one (we always have, just not as nice as this one and never mounted). This one isn't expensive, looks great and is easy to mount. So if you don't have an extingusher, order one NOW!

Order yours today for only £19.92!

Order at

See New Products or call on 0845 226 1012

This mod was performed by LEW on their 1992 SE

If you try this, feel free to e-mail LEW with your Verdict at admin@lotusespritworld.com

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