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V8/GT3 Door Panel Removal

You take the whole panel off to replace the speakers, its not hard to do. Two small phillips screws under the bottom of the panel. Then pull off the suround for the pull handle, its only clipped on. One big screw at the bottom of the grab handle, one at the top, and a small phillips screw to the bottom/front of the pull handle.

The grab handle should now come off, along with the surround for the pull handle, but take care with drivers side as the electric mirror adjustment will still be attached. Pull the panel away from the door at the bottom then ease it up. As you take it off on the drivers side you'll have to feed the handle and wires back thru the hole in the panel. Also take care as the window 'felt' that runs along the top of the door may be stuck to the door frame as well as the panel.

Access to speakers etc is pretty easy once the panel is off. While its off if also is a good idea to put a gob of grease on the pushrods for the lock mechanism where they pass thru the two plastic guides, as these can rattle if they dry out.

Pictures by jbrauertn


Left: This is after snapping the trim cover off. There is onel large screw and one small screw to remove here.

Right: One screw at the base of the door pull needs to be removed. In addition, there are two screws on the bottom of the door that need to be removed also!


Left: Don't forget to unhook the speaker wires!

Right: Close up of the speaker wires. Make sure that the speaker is tight!


Left: You need to "feed" the door latch bracket through the door panel.

Right: These rods connect the ineterior door handle to the latching mechanism. They were the source of the rattle. I removed them from their clips put a slight upward bend in them, and snapped them back in place. Rattle gone!


Left: The rods are back in place.

Right: Full circle. The panel is pback in place and ready for the trim cover to be snapped back in place.

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