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Stoneleigh 2005 Parts Fair
13th November 2005

Lotus Esprit World attended the Club Lotus Parts Fair at Stoneleigh for the third year running. Unfortunately we didn't make it out of bed early enough to make the pre-meet at the Porridge Pot. From the pictures take off the LEF there seemed again to be a good turn out with owners coming from around the country again.

The Porridge Pot
Stratford Road
Warwickshire CV34 6RA

Arriving at Stoneleigh for the Parts Fair was a little different from previous years. Paul C had done a little bit of work behind the scene to sort out parking for the Esprits. Normal problems of everyone arriving together and then being split up when parking and having no meeting point to chat and check out all the Esprits wasn't an issue this year. 


Paul had arranged with Club Lotus space for 'Esprit Only Parking' inside with all the parking attendance making sure Esprits were all parked up in Bay 5. As you can see from the pictures it work really well. Must have been between 30-40 Esprits lined up!


With the door way to the Parts Fair only a few metres away owners could stroll between the fair and the Esprit car park. All inside and away from any bad weather. Our thanks goes to Paul and Club Lotus, who made this years show a little better for Esprit owners.


As you can see, there was the usual spread of different models in the car park. Some very interesting cars and some beautiful examples. Worth a wonder around a few times. Owners were happy to chat when by their Esprits and it was a very friendly atmosphere.


As for the Part Fair itself, it was the usual suspects turning up and selling their wears. PNM Engineering attended for the first time in a while, bringing plenty of kit with them. Lotusbits.com also attended with their Micra Rally car, built on an Excel chassis with a 2.2l Lotus engine.


Paul Matty Sportscars were happy to chat and brought a small set-up of parts as did Christopher Neil. As usual SWLC was top dog with a massive selection of parts. Including discounted Esprit tyres and plenty of sets of wheels. They even brought along an Ex-LEW owners car that was for sale. A beautiful Green GT3.


We know what to expect from the Parts Fair and it's a good day out and a chance to meet up close to Xmas before the weather gets really bad. Its a good way to end another Esprit year.

If you have any comments, please email LEW at admin@lotusespritworld.com and they can be added to this page.

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