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Paul Matty's Esprit Day
@ Paul Matty Sportscars
22nd July 2006

Paul Matty, well known independent lotus dealer and specialist, offered to host a meet for Esprit owners and their cars, parking was made available on his large field at the back of his showroom. All this was held on Saturday July 22nd 2006 from 11am onwards.


The turn out was pretty good considering it was the first event at Paul Matty Sports Cars. Paul had quite a few Esprits for Sale, which he got out for all to see. A couple of nice S4s, a black S4, a couple of Giugiaro's.


Again the owners turning up brought some interesting cars. V8's, S4's, Giugiaro's and of course LEW's G-Car had it's first official outing.


We parked up along site one of Paul's Esprits. This white turbo is up for around £14,000, but is pretty mint and has had an expensive engine rebuild.


We had a new member pop along who's red 88 Turbo had some nice wheels and sports seats in.


At the back of Paul Matty's is a nice big field. We put a few Esprit in there, but hopefully next year we can fill it up a bit more. As Paul Matty's is situated not far from Birmingham and just off the Motorway. It's perfectly placed for a nice big meeting. Maybe next year we can get a chance to take the Esprits on the famous Hill Climb. Now that would be fun!


At the business end of Pauls, we all got fed, with a nice seleciton of sandwiches and plenty of cold drinks, which was nice for an Esprit event! Paul's staff where on stand-by to keep the refreshments coming on a hot and lovely day. (note: just missed the big storms of the day, hit them on the M1 going home!)


The showroom was open for us all to mill about in. There's a beautiful collection of Loti there for all to see. Worth the journey, just to check out a few of these motors.


Matty's run the famous Hill Climb Championship every year. Bet a few of these motors would post good times.


At the back of the showroom is Paul Matty's Parts Department. Very impressive and sure to be worth a call if you need something. Paul Matty's always have a good set-up at both Donington and Stoneleigh, so we weren't expecting anything less.


This is where all the real work is done. Paul had three customer Esprit in on the day. An S2 beeing restored after quite a few years of inactivity, and a couple of Steven's Esprit having some general maintenance done.


We were free so roam around and check out all the gear PM's have. Again very impressive. Esprit owners are lucky to have this sort of business set-up to help us keep our amazing cars on the road. PM's have some high-tec lazer equipment to make sure your Esprit's Geometry is set-up correctly. So you know where to go to get the New Lotus Dampers and Springs put on, when they're finally ready.


They also have a brake skimming machine, so if you're break disc are worn and you can't afford new discs (especially you S350 boys), you know where to go!


A ground up restore was being done of this Loti, very, very impressive and around £28k worth of motor at the end of the work, but from what we saw it's worth the cash if you want a well sorted Lotus. Matty's might be doing something like this on an S2. Now that would be a great car to get hold of! Once our lottery numbers come up, our Esprit might be getting something like this done!

This was a good event and everyone enjoyed themselves. Hopefully we can arrange something a little bit bigger, with a few more owners and Esprits. We'd like to thank those that came along, Paul Matty and his staff for having us and Howard C for arranging everything.

This Event was dicussed on in the Event section on the Lotus Esprit Forum.

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