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Esprit Suspension Geometry

After testing the Sport 350 suspension on LEW's SE it was found to be too hard for the lighter 4-cylinder Esprit. LEW purchased some second-hand GT3 suspension from a LEW user. This was sand blasted and then powder coated. It was then time to get the new suspension fitted and the geometry set-up.

A local company called S.T.S. Wheel Alignment Centre (01234 269800) where chosen for the task. LEW has used them before on previous cars, including LEW's last Lotus Esprit NA.


The cost was £235 to change the suspension and check/adjust all the settings to Lotus guidelines. All the settings can be found in the workshop manual for each model. A good wheel alignment centre will have all the settings on their computers.

Making sure your set-up is correct is very important, not only does it make sure the car performs and handles correctly, but will make sure you get even wear on your tyres. Saving you money long-term.

Esprit Owners comments

With respect to front tyres wearing on the inner aspect, I had the same problem with two sets myself. I had the geometry checked and reset to factory specification but to no avail. I spoke to Spyder (who no longer provide a geometry service but were very helpful) and they pointed out that the camber of my front wheels was right up at the end of normal. It was suggested that to toe the wheels in about ten or twenty minutes more than factory spec would cure the problem. It did. I had the car set up by Paul Wilson in Warrington and he agreed with Spyder that the factory spec is not always appropriate especially if there is a less than perfect camber set up. The increased toe in has not had any detrimental effect on the handling but has completely cured the tyre wear problem.

John W



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