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UK Yahoo! Meet
@ Stanton St John, Oxford

13th April 2003

The annual UK Yahoo! Group Meet was again held at Stanton St John in Oxford. Again brilliantly arranged by Dermot and Rob. 15 Esprits turned up for the run through the Oxford country side and a pub lunch. We also had an Elise 111s tag along. Rob's boss turned up after the run (wonder why?) in a Ferrari 550.

I was again, like Donington, enjoying myself too much to remember to take enough pictures. I managed to snap a few shots, but not nearly as many as I should. Hopefully some of the owners who also took some pics will pass them on to add to this page.

We had quite a selection of Esprit's. From an early G to a 02 V8. With turbo's, SE's, S4's, S4s', V8's and Sport 350's inbetween. After an hour of chatting and meeting everyone, we set off on the planned route. My favourite moment was driving down a beautiful swooping and dipping road with trees either side. 6 Esprit's in front of me, all being held up by a caravan! It was quickly dispatch by all the Esprit's. But that image will be with me for ever.

Halfway Stop


We arrange to pull over around the halfway mark, so we could reform the group. Which gets separated, due to slower vehicles. I remembered to get the camera out once I'd seen a couple of people taking pictures.


Nobody was lost on the run and we managed to reform our 16 strong group, before setting off on the return leg, with a pub lunch waiting for us. The group got separated on the way back. Mainly due to Dermot needing fuel and leaving the planned route. Closely followed by me and 4 others. On leaving the petrol station to meet the others back at the pub, we managed to lose Dan in his Red S4s. Dermot quickly found him and we all returned to the pub.

Over 20 people sat down to eat and chat Esprit's. Talk of Mr. Wiseman's new purchase, a lovely Sport 350. The Lotus Esprit World Calendar samples were passed around. Alan Paterson's Sill plates were discussed along with chips, and other upgrades.

Freescan Session


After lunch, most of the owners headed back to the Carpark to check each others cars and gather information that may prove useful. Dermot was called on to run Freescan on a few of the 4 cylinder Esprits. Both Davin and Dom's needed new O2 Sensors, which should cure the problems they'd been having. There was more talk of Exhausts, RamAir and Airfilters. The Ferrari's bonnet was opened to give us a peek at it's power plan.

All in all it was a day enjoyed by everyone. Owners discussed and found out about fixes and modifications. A couple of cars had there faults found and everybody got to give there Esprit's a good run in the company of others. A great meet!

Some of the Owners

The idea was to get everyone's picture next to their Esprit. Didn't quite work, but got nearly half of them. So now you can put a few faces to Esprits and Names on the list.


Left: Doors with his new GT3.  Centre: Dan with his Red S4s  Right: Richard Wise with his 86 S3


Left: Sill man Alan Paterson.  Centre: John C with his S4   Right: Mark with his 5 month old Esprit


Left: Dom with his S4.   Right: Bernard with his Yellow V8-GT

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