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Maddest Lotus Modder of the year 2003
The Enthusiast who Modifies


Dermot O'Hare's 1994

Dermot O'Hare from Oxford, England, owns a 1994 S4 in Calypso Red, with a Magnolia hide & Carbon Dash interior.


Year: 1994
Colour: Calypso Red
Interior: Magnolia Hide with Carbon Dash
Driving Style: Should be on the Track!
Miles per year: 2,000 - 4,000
Owned Since: September 1999
Purchase from: Private Sale
Serviced at: Steve Williams + SJ Sportscars
Other Cars: Golf V5
Previous Lotus': Excel for 12 years
Why an Esprit: ?
Upgrades: See Below
Problems: ABS Switch and Accumulator, Exhaust Manifold

Zymol Car of the Year 2003
Maddest Lotus Modder 2003

Dermot is the Moderator for the Esprit Yahoo! Group


Modification to the exterior have been left to a minimum. So it still looks like a standard S4. Interior modifcation and performance aren't standard.


AP Brake Discs are 330mm on the front, which is the largest possible to fit under the 17" wheels. These are used with the standard 94 S4 onwards Brembo Calipers. 320mm AP Discs on the rears are used with the Brembo rear caliper, these have been painted body colour.


Plenty of Aluminum in the cockpit! You can see the Blitz Gauge next to the Red Start Button. New Momo Steering wheel, which is from the V8. Colour coded Sport 300 seats, trimmed in matching leather. See more on the seats here.


Picture on the right with the black SE and the white S350 is at LEW headquarters.

Modifications completed as of April-2004

Performance Modifications

1. New T3 Turbo with super 48 compressor wheel, 360 thrust bearing, and race actuator
2. Re-circulation Dump Valve (piped back to air box)
3. Double Size MotoConcept Aluminium Chargecooler
4. Rochester Blueprinted Primary Fuel Injectors
5. Oil Mist Catch Tank
6. Electric Chargecooler Pump
7. Ram Air Mod
8. Red Race Code Memcal
9. K&N Airfilter
10. Iridium IW22 Spark Plugs
11. De-Cat Pipe
12. Supersports Exhaust
13. Uprated Clutch
14. Braided Clutch Hose
15. Braided Brake Lines
16. 330mm AP Discs F, 320mm AP Discs R.

Cosmetic Modifications

1. BLITZ SBC-iD: Digital boost, MAT, and O2 gauge,
2. Honda S200 Start button
3. Aluminium Kick Plates
4. Stainless Steel front Intake Grill and Side Intakes
5. Clear front lenses and side Indicators
6. Polished Aluminium Indicator Stalks
7. Polished Aluminium GT3 Gear Knob
8. Polished Aluminium V8 Gear Ring
9. Polished Aluminium Exhaust End Pipe
10. Aluminium Finish Heater and Air Vent Controls
11. Colour-coded Rear Valance, Number Plate Plinth and Rear Light Surrounds
12. Sport 300 seats with body colour backs
13. Momo Steering Wheel
14. Stub Arial


You can see the Double size MotoConcept Chargecooler in these pictures. Also my turbo with has been upgraded. The pic on the left is the Electric chargecooler pump.


New T3 Turbo with super 48 compressor wheel, 360 thrust bearing, and race actuator. Almost makes the S4 lagless. Great improvement on pickup. See more about the fitting here.


An oil mist catch tank has been fitted, see more details here. A smaller, stubbier ariel has been fitted to replace the larger standard one. Has also improved reception. The exhaust is an SJ Supersports system with a de-cat pipe. The surround is aftermarket to give the pipe a better finish.


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