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The articles below have been reproduced by Lotus Esprit World as they were printed. Many have 'errors' in that have not been corrected.

Esprit: The Remake
'New' Lotus Esprit

CAR Magazine, May 2006

The All New:
'New' Lotus Esprit

Autocar, February 2004
No Change of Heart
Lotus Esprit V8 2002

AutoCar Magazine 2001
Lotus Esprit V8 2002
Road Test
CARism Summer 2002
End of the Legend?:
Esprit V8 2002

AutoExpress November 2001
Lotus Esprit V8 2002
Road Test
PistonHeads.com March 2002

Lotus Esprit.... Driven
Esprit V8'02 v Esprit Sport 300
Motorsport Centre.com 2003

Fast Masters
Lotus Esprit Sport 350

EVO Magazine Dec 2004
Mid-Engined Icons
Featuring Esprit Sport 350
Performance Car Magazine Feb 2009
Esprit S300 v S350
Ultimate Esprit shoot-out

Octane Magazine, Feb 2010
Civil War
Esprit V8'02 v Noble M12

Evo Magazine 2002
Forever Young
Lotus Esprit Sport 350

Lotus Esprit Sport 350
Road test
Evo Supercars 1999-2000

Lotus Esprit Sport 350
Road test
Top Gear

Plastic Explosives
Sport 350 v Venturi Atlandique 3000

Autocar, February 1999
Lotus Esprit V8-GT
Road Test
Car Magazine June 1998
Elite Lotus
Lotus Esprit Sport 350

Car Magazine
Mika has a Blast
Esprit S350 v Porsche 911 v Viper v XKR

Auto Express March 1999
Lotus Esprit Sport 350
Road Test

Dream Machines
Esprit V8-GT v Porsche 911 Carrera 4

Auto Express

Lotus Esprit V8-GT
Road Test
Car Magazine January 1999

Live from Norwich
Esprit V8, V8-GT & GT3
Car Magazine January 1998

The Touch of Midas
Lotus Esprit V8-GT

Auto Express March 1998
Lotus Esprit V8
Road Test
Top Gear
Strip Search
Supercar Shootout

AutoCar May 1996
Eight too Late
Lotus Esprit V8 v Ferrari 355

AutoCar May 1996
Generation NSX
Esprit v NSX v 911 v Cerbera v Ghibli Cup

Performance Car Aug 1997
0-100-0 Challenge
Esprit V8 v Ferrari 550 v 911 Turbo v XJ220
Autocar Magazine
Lotus Esprit V8
Road test
Revs Magazine
Generation NSX
Esprit V8 vs Cerbera, Ghibli Cup, NSX & 911
Performance Car August 1997
No More Excuses:
Level Playing Field

Esprit V8 v Ferrari F355 v Porsche 911
CAR Magazine
Splitting Hares
Esprit V8 vs Ferrari 355
Classic & Sports Car August 2004
Plastic Explosives
Esprit V8 v Venturi Atlantique

Performance Car May 1997
Esprit V8 v Ferrari 355
Road & Track November 1997
NSX Marks the Spot
NSX v 911 v Esprit
Auto Car June 1997
V8 Lotus Esprit V8
Road test
Automobile May 1997
Lotus Esprit V8
Road test

Road & Track August 1996

Lotus Esprit V8
Road test
Autocar August 1996

Dancing to a different tune
Handling Roadtest
Octane Supplement February 2009
Who needs a Ferrari?
Lotus Esprit V8
Classic & Sports Car
March 2009
Mellow Yellow
Lotus Esprit V8 v Porsche 911 Turbo
Complete Car September 1996
Hunt for a Hero
Lotus Esprit V8
Top Gear Magazine August 1996
You Only live twice
Lotus Esprit V8
Autocar March 1996
Bargain Supercars
Esprit V8 v Porsche 911 v Ferrari 355

Classic & Sports Cars January 2013
Both ends of the Wedge
Esprit S1 and Esprit V8
Octane Magazine September 2014
Esprit V8
Remarkable Rebuilt
AbsoluteLotus March 2020
A whole lot of WEDGE
Esprit S1, S2, Turbo, S4, GT3, V8
AbsoluteLotus August 2018

All Articles above have been reproduced by Lotus Esprit World. No copyright for these Articles is held by Lotus Esprit World.

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