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April 2005

News from Hethel
Keeping you up-to-date with what's going on at Lotus with reference to the Esprit. As has already been stated, Lotus haven't forgot the Esprit and work is on going to keep us all on the road. Here's what's currently taking up their time (some highlighted to Lotus by LEW and it's users).

The Damper exercise is underway (it was delayed as the Ride & Handling workshop has moved buildings). The baseline testing is being done at the moment to establish a reference setting on both the V8 set ups (normal V8 & Final Edition).

This involves vehicle assessment & rig testing. The vehicle will have a complete suspension check to ensure all the settings
are to specification before the work starts. This phase of work should take about 2 weeks. At that point they can order the production spec. dampers to the base specification (V8).

All other damper variants for the other models (S4, GT3, S4s etc.) will be a recalibration of this base damper. Lotus plan to do damper specifications for as many models as possible over the coming months.

Fuel Tanks
Lotus have inspected every Esprit fuel tank in stock (about 120 of various types). All are in good condition with no signs of corrosion. As an added benefit they are having all the tanks is stock treated with a wax coating on the seams and the areas where they have seen corrosion appear on old tanks.(this is ongoing at the moment). A note will be issued with the tanks to advise the coating should not be removed when fitting a new tank.

Other Items
1. Following some information received on Gearshift problems (Alan Tong). Lotus are investigating some components that will allow shifter mechanisms to be overhauled.

2. Tyres again. It seems that the 215/50ZR15 Good Year (Esprit Front& Excel) tyre is now no longer produced (this size is now a non preferred size and will not be replaced). The 245/50ZR16 Good Year (Esprit Rear) is also being phased out. This size
is currently available from most tyre manufacturers. They will also be investigating S4 tyre availability.

3. Lotus have been talking to Goodyear & Dunlop over the past couple of weeks to try and clarify what the position is with tyres.
Lotus have just been told that the Dunlop Tyres used on the V8 have changed. The 285/35ZR18 SP Sport 9000 has had a change. It has now got a new construction and tread pattern known as the SP 9090. There are two versions of the 9090. The 9090 MO 97W TL - has a lower speed rating and does not meet V8 requirements. The 9090 MFS TL - This version is o.k. for use on the Esprit V8. We are currently preparing a Service Bulletin to advise dealers & owners of the change.

4. The PAS hose is now in stock for 4 cylinder cars (proved out on Adam Gs car)


E421 NUU
Does anyone own David Stevenson's old Esprit? Reg No. E421 NUU. He has all of the History of the car and is possibly looking to be reunite the car with it's old documentation. Please call David on 07968 784505 or email cornerbag@hotmail.com.


Esprit Driver Training
We are now booking for 9th July for 21 cars.


Esprit Driver Training
We are looking at setting up an Esprit Driver Training day with Motor Sport Events. They organise a "Driver Training Academy" at the Ex-USAF base at Upper Heyford just outside Oxford, which is on the Oxford Meeting run route.

If we can get 35 people signed up we can have an exclusive 1 day (9-5pm) with 6 instructors, they will set out bespoke courses for braking control, slalom, power slides etc etc... all with individual instructors.

The total cost of an exclusive day for just us is £3465, so for up to 35 cars (max) it is £99 each. Weekends are almost impossible to book now as exclusives, at the moment Sat 9th July and Sat 29 Oct are free. So we are looking for 35 owners for the day to go ahead. DON'T miss this opportunity to get your Esprit going faster with any modifications!

Dermot will be organising this event, so email him for more info or to register interest. More updates will follow at the Event gathers speed.


Club LEW hits 250
Club LEW enrolled it's 250th member today. The club is getting stronger and stronger and the more that join the stronger it will get. If you haven't joined click here.


LEW would like to thank a few people who have found the site so useful, that they have donated small sums to help with the up keep of Lotus Esprit World. You know who you are and we at LEW are grateful for the extra funds to help the site become even better.


News from March 2005

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