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Esprit Spy Shots
Some of the images in the media of 'New' Esprit

As the possible release of a 'New' Esprit gets closer and closer (until Lotus move the date), the media are putting out 'possible' pictures of the 'New' Esprit. We will be using this page to show some of these images. Should make interesting viewing come the time when Lotus release their new supercar.

February 2007
From Autoblog website in February 2007. Text is in dutch, but it's supposed to be the new Esprit. These same shots were also found on another Dutch site www.autoscoops.eu.




Translation of Dutch Text.
Finally here they are! The first spy shots of the new Esprit that reveal some of it's new lines (shape). It was already announced that the sucessor of the legendary Esprit is going to carry the same name. The Esprit is likely to be introduced at the end of 2009. Later than originally planned, maybe because of some problems with Proton, the company that owns Lotus. Rumour has it that the new Esprit will be powered by a 4.8 liter BMW engine. But this is doubtfull especially if Proton falls into the hands of Volkswagen.


March 2007
These picture are from the Netherlands! Seems it's been out and about!



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