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Esprit Insurance Valuations
Get your Esprit Valued for ClassicLine insurance

Lotus Esprit World has arranged a discount with ClassicLine Insurance for all ClubLEW Members. Just call for a quote and mention you're Lotus Esprit World member, giving your membership details, for your discount of up to 15%. Lotus Esprit World will also be valuing Esprits for ClassicLine for there 'Agreed Valution' Policies.

138 Castle Street
Leicestershire LE10 1DD

Tel: 01455 639000   Fax: 01455 39035

LEW Contact: Darren Coote

ClassicLine can also insure Performance Cars, Custom Cars, and Classic Cars.
They can also do multiple car policies to insure both your Esprit and your everyday car at a great cost.


Call to find out more!

How to get your vehicle valued
Due to the fluctuating values in recent years for classic cars most underwriters find it necessary to review values after either 12 or 24 months at their discretion. Obtaining a valuation can be time consuming. Below is a checklist of simple steps to follow to obtain yours.

1. Download or request a valuation form from either Lotus Esprit World or ClassicLine Insurance.

2. For values under £15,000 you must complete the Valuation Form and return with a cheque payable to Lotus Esprit World for £10 to: Esprit Valuations, Lotus Esprit World, 22 Tipcat Close, Elstow, Bedford MK42 9ZA and the value will be confirmed and forms and pictures returned to you.

3. For values in excess of £15,000 you must complete this Valuation Form and return with a cheque payable to Lotus Esprit World for £15 to: Esprit Valuations, Lotus Esprit World, 16 Prospect Place, Wapping Wall, London E1W 3TJ and your Esprit will be valued and form and pictures returned.

4. A minimum of three colour photographs are required to accompany all valuations. If the value is in excess of £15,000, a photograph of the interior and engine bay are required. At least one photograph showing the registration number must be sent. Digital photographs will be accepted by Lotus Esprit World for valuation, but these must be processed by yourself to send to the insurance company, as digitals will not be accepted by the insurance companies at present. A copy of your Registration document (V5) and current MoT (with at least 30 days to run) will also be required. You may also send in photocopies (will not be returned) of HPI checks, receipts for work and previous MoTs to help your valuation.

5. A Self-addressed, stamped Envelope of at least A5 size must be included for your pictures and valuation form to be returned to you. It is your responsibility to make sure ClassicLine receive your valuation form and accompanying pictures. Add £1 to your payment if you wish Lotus Esprit World to send your form and pictures back to you.

If you have any difficulties with this form, please email admin@lotusespritworld.com for help.

Rules to remember
1. Be realistic with your value. We agree the current market value of the vehicle which should not take into account purely the cost of restoration, sentimental value or replacement cost.

2. Disagreements with value. We reserve the right to decline any value or ask for further information or a second opinion at our discretion.

3. Failure to provide a valuation and/or photographs will declare your policy ‘Market Value’ only. If you make a claim the value is then at the discretion of the insurance company’s engineers and you may be disappointed. Do not delay in sending your photographs and valuation. No reminders will be sent.

4. This form is only valid when used in conjunction with the Lotus Esprit World & ClassicLine Insurance.

A Guide to the Values Stated

Concours (CON): Properly restored or totally immaculate, well-preserved original cars. Should be potential Concours contender with no work necessary. Vehicles with special historic significance could be worth Concours value.

Condition A+ (A+): Genuine very good condition; totally original with history or restored, but needing slight improved details to make Concours.

Condition A (A): Good condition in every respect, not potential Concours winner. May lack history or originality but totally free from any significant faults.

Condition B (B): Basically sound cars capable of regular use with current MoT Certificate but would benefit from some attention.

Condition C (C): Complete running cars in need of major work but driveable.

See the Payments page for ways of paying.


Get Valuation Form online here!




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