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Jeremy Upton's 1983

Jeremy Upton from Poynton, England, owns a 1983 Turbo Esprit in Metallic Copper with a Beige Leather Interior.


Turbo Esprit
Year: 1983
Colour: Metallic Copper
Interior: Beige Leather
Driving Style: Fast
Miles per year: 1,000 - 2,000
Owned Since: March 2002
Purchase from: Private Sale
Serviced at: Myself
Other Cars: VW Vento 1.9TD, Volvo 940GL Estate
Previous Lotus': None
Why an Esprit: See Below
Upgrades: 1989 HC Turbo engine fitted by a previous owner
Problems: Nothing Major...As Yet!
Info: See Below


It is a1983 metallic copper Esprit Turbo, reg ESU 917 was FLB 524Y with 77,000 miles on the clock, which looks pretty genuine according to the service history. A previous owner had a new HC Turbo engine fitted in Dec 94 when the car had covered 57,000 miles, this engine was subsequently rebuilt a couple of years ago due to a vacuum hose getting stuck in the throttle linkage and over reving the engine and a cam bucket letting loose (a previous owner had removed the rev limiter, or it was not reconnected when the new engine was fitted). Since the engine was rebuilt the car has only covered about 10,000miles or so. The previous owner also had the gearbox rebuilt. The previous owner also sorted out the suspension brakes etc. I believe the car was supplied by the London Lotus Centre and spent most of its life in London until the previous owner bought it six years ago and brought it up to the north west.

There are loads of jobs I want to get done on it some necessary and some to improve the car. When they installed the HC engine they hacked the plumbing about, I've had several minor problems asociated with the plumbing during the summer so this winter it will get a complete overhaul, new pipes radiator etc etc. The wheels are in good condition but need cleaning up. Mechanically its pretty near perfect but the engine bay needs the wiring etc tidying up. Although the interior is serviceable, I'm hoping to get it re-trimmed next winter. The paint work is in pretty good condition, it has a few stonechips and at some point it would be nice to get it re-sprayed. I'm after a couple of bits for the car...... the knob of the air conditioning temp control, an undamaged plostic cowl on the radiator that mounts the fans, a fan motor. To keep costs down I do all the work on the car myself.

Why a Lotus Esprit? I've always been into cars as long as I can remember, but never been able to justify spending the money on a true supercar. The Esprit is a relatively cheap way to own such a car (as long as you do most of the maintenance yourself) and the insurance is reasonable for a car of this performance. The Esprit is not without its faults but that is half the fun of owning a car like the Esprit and as its like a big Meccano kit you will be able to fix it yourself and it won't rust. It is still an attractive shape and it still turns peoples heads, its fast and it handles like a Go-Kart...etc.......etc. Any other information that anybody can provide about the car previous owners etc would be gratefully received.

Thanks for providing such a great website, Jeremy Upton.


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