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Richard Foster's 1990

Richard Foster from East Grinstead, Sussex, UK owns a 1990 N/A in Norfolk Mustard, with a Black Leather interior.


Esprit N/A
Norfolk Mustard
Black Leather
Driving Style:
Miles per year:
4,000 — 8,000
Owned Since:
Dec 2002
Purchase from:
Private Sale
Serviced at:
Local specialist - have all my cars serviced there
Other Cars:
Previous Lotus':
1990 Lotus Elan SE Turbo, 2000 Lotus Elise
Why an Esprit:
I've always wanted one (like everyone else I know)
Upgrades: No upgrades, loads of replacements.
Since purchasing I have replaced all the belts, oil, fuel and water pumps, fan cowling, exhaust manifold, electric window motor, headlamp motor and so on....
See Below


It's my third Lotus and I've always been a big fan. My first was a 1990 Elan in Silver which I ran for a bit over a year. No troubles with the engine or bodywork on this car but the hood was awful - on occasion I had to stitch & glue it back together, but I got a good summer's use out of it. Then I changd to a new Elise for a couple of years, again only teething problems as with any new car but it ran like a beauty.

I then changed to a superbike and bought a BMW for everyday use, but soon changed my mind when my best friend had a very nasty bike accident. Plus I missed my Lotuses! So in December last year I finally bought the Lotus I always wanted - the Esprit. I went for the non turbo version, as a lot of people have told me that it's a lot easier to drive. Sure it's quite a bit slower but it suits me down to the ground. I plan to change the car in a couple of years time, perhaps to a GT3 or S4S version when they are a bit more accessible, price wise.


I bought this car from a private guy in Basildon, he had just had the car resprayed in Norfolk Mustard from the original faded red. The paint shop did a pretty good job but I found a bit of overspray on the door hinges and under the wheel arches, which I have since rectified myself.

The car's had a quite a few problems. The first job was to get the 'C' service done, including the cambelt. At the same time I had a headlamp motor replaced and the oil & water pumps replaced which were leaking and no working sufficiently well. I've since replaced the electric window motor assembly myself (quite an easy job) and it's currently in the workshop having the exhaust manifold and a couple of steering rack bushes replaced in time for its next MOT.


Next I've got to try and find some replacement tyres for it, it's got the turbo size wheels on it and I've having trouble tracking down anyone who can get the right sizes.

So all in all it's been quite a baptism of fire owning this car - but as all Esprit owners know, when the cars running smoothly and you've got a nice warm summer's day, and you're driving down your favourite stretch of road, there's nothing that can come close to being in an Esprit.

By the way, I order most of my parts from Bell & Colvill (I've also used SJ Sportscars). If you register with the South East Lotus Owners Club (www.seloc.org) - registration is free, you get 8% of all Lotus parts at Bell & Colvill, and up to 10% off parts from other Lotus dealership!


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