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Marek Karatnicki's 1979

Marek Karatnicki from Montpellier, France owns a 1979 S2 in Red, with a black interior.


Year: 1979
Colour: Red
Interior: Black
Driving Style: Normal whenever in traffic or in town, dynamic otherwise
Miles per year: 0 - 1,000
Owned Since: September 2005
Purchase from: Private Sale
Serviced at: Myself if I have the tools
Why an Esprit?

1. The exotic supercar appearance while being affordable;
2. If the mid-engine architecture is good enough for formula 1 racing, it can be good enough for a sports car.

Why an S2 ?
1. It's affordable !
2. I found one in excellent condition and best price 40km away from my place;

Other Cars: Matra Murena, a mid-engined suitable for everyday use; Other modern everyday use
Previous Lotus': None

4 stoplights.

1. Re-build the instrument panel. Too fragile, too many wires, not maintenable, faulty speedometer, and mecanical oil pressure;
2. Remove spare wheel combined with moving the battery location combined with fitting a larger battery;
3. Fit a lateral stabilizer on the front anti-roll bar as existing on other cars with this type of suspension;
4. Modify electric circuit for headlight motor operation to reduce risk of unwanted operation;
5. Fit fuses in the electric circuit wherever they should exist and do not;

Problems: Loose and missing screws around the engine; Fixed;
Light surface corrosion on the chassis;
Alternator would work sometimes; Fixed;
Stoplight switch stuck; Moved location and fit modern equivalent
Expansion tank corroded; Replaced with modern equivalent
Flasher units would work sometimes; Altogether replaced with one single modern equivalent
Headlight(s) spurious unwanted operation; Fixed;
Info: 2 Previous owners. The car spent several years in Andorra.





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