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Chris Lee's 1993 SE

This has been one of my dream cars since I saw James Bond drive one into the ocean - where it transformed into a submarine.
I found this one through the Internet at a local dealer and did what I had to do to get it.
Sure, I'm back in debt for a while, but how could I pass up this opportunity?

My Third Esprit - Frost Silver 1993.5 SE
I purchased this one from a local owner in Nashville. It has the S4 wheels & interior,
4-wheel ABS, airbag, and a flawless paint finish.


My Second Esprit - 1989 SE
I found a metallic gray 1989.5 SE in Atlanta (thanks for the heads-up, Dave!).
After talking to the seller on the phone, I had Brian Skeoch test drive and inspect it for me.
Thanks Brian! His report was good


My First Esprit - 1990 SE

Crashing my Red Esprit

Coming home Wednesday night (19 Jan 00) in the rain, I hit a particularly deep wet spot on the interstate (Ellington Parkway about 2 miles from my house - doing 60mph, mind you), and hydroplaned... spinning out and off the right shoulder of the road. I think I went around about 3 times. I took out about 150 feet of a chain-link fence, poles and all (no guard rail), then into a stand of trees and bush, missing all the large trees, thankfully. I came to rest facing the opposite direction down toward the drainage ditch on the side of the road. The airbag went off as soon as I hit the fence, so I couldn't really see where I was going for most of the time. Remarkably, I was completely uninjured, and after getting over the initial shock of it all, I waited for the wrecker service to haul the car out of the ditch and up on to the flat bed of the wrecker truck. It looks like there is damage on most of the fiberglass panels all the way around the car, and the fence and trees managed to take chunks out of the rear sides and rear wing. However, there was no glass damage, no wheel or tire damage, and the underbody looked pretty good.


A bit of info from the Lotus Cars USA web site:

The Esprit Turbo SE is a further development of what is a very capable vehicle. The power of the Esprit Turbo SE is raised to 280 bhp with the use of a Lotus developed Chargecooler and and enhanced Engine Management System that uses six fuel injectors. Outwardly the Esprit Turbo SE sports a deeper front air dam and a rear wing. 0-60 times have fallen into the mid 4 second range and top speed is in excess of 165 mph. In 1991 three variations of this car were produced, the standard Turbo SE, the Jim Clark Special, and the X180R (the street version of the race car)."

check out Chris's own website for more



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