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Andy Baxter 's 1999

Andy Baxter from Manningford, Wiltshire, UK owns a 1999 Sport 350 in New Aluminium, with a Blue Alcantara/Black Leather interior.


Sport 350
New Aluminium
Blue Alcantara/Black Leather
Driving Style:
Still getting used to Esprit
Miles per year:
5,000 - 10,000
Owned Since:
April 2003
Purchase from:
Nick Whale Sportscars, Birmingham
Serviced at:
Nick Whale
Other Cars:
Previous Lotus':
Sport 350 from new (2000) for 8 months
Why an Esprit:
Loved shape and style since small boy
Why a Sport 350:
It's the ultimate Esprit and I love driving something a little more exclusive
Upgrades: None, yet, but a few cosmetic mods planned (clear indicators, button rings etc)
First warning light (2 hours). First problem with the car, warning light on intermittently, symptoms include rough running from cold, fuel-smelling exhaust (very rich) uneven idle. No faults found with the electrics so an injector changed by Nick Whales (under warranty). Car back (just) in time for CC at the weekend and problem seems to be fixed (fingers crossed). Nice to see it had been given a valet inside by the boys at NW.
See Below


Picked the car up from Nick Whale's on Good Friday with the intention of driving around Devon over the bank holiday to shake it down. Day started well, had a quick ogle of a nice Noble parked outside, but stopped staring after reminding myself once again just how ugly they are compared to the Esprit. I mean have you seen the front lip :) ugly or wot. Nice try boys, but come back once you've finished it.

Found some great roads in Devon, and wadda you know, yet another Noble M12 GTO3 GTR with the fab number plate "GTO3 GTR". Stayed overnight in a great hotel just outside Ilfracome (The Wildacombe). Great place, very laid back, free cake in the lounge, and the lady there recognised the Lotus - instant friend. That's the hotel in the background.


Had a drive up a toll road over the top of one of the hills - another quality Lotus spot from the people manning the hut collecting the money. Put about 1000 miles on the clock over the bank holiday - great fun, fab drive, no hassles, some really great roads (may post some reviews at some point).


Planning some cosmetic mods in the near future along with the headlight relay mod to get all 4 lamps on for high beam.


Quick update

changed the headlight relay for the double pole / double throw unit. Got an equivalent to the Lucas part for about 6 quid. So now all 4 lights are on when you select high beam. Loads better at night for just a 20 second piece of work.




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