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Will Pitt's 1998

Will Pitt from Swindon, UK owns a 1998 V8-GT in Gold Metalic, with a Alcantara interior.


Gold Metalic
Driving Style:
Miles per year:
2,000 – 4,000
Owned Since:
September 2005
Purchase from:
Mike Bews (private deal from LEW member advertising on LEW)
Serviced at:
Bob Houghton Racing
Other Cars:
Ferrari 348GTS, Ferrari 355GTS, Lamborghini Diablo
Previous Lotus':
1988 Esprit SE
Why an Esprit:
I started my car career with an 88 stevens SE and loved every minute of it. So I am back with one for 2005
Upgrades: Sport 350 Magnesium alloys. Was fitted with new gearbox and clutch before I bought it. Sports exhaust and...CD player!
None yet!! And Mike had better hope that none arise just yet or a quick trip to Wales may be in order!!!!!
see below


I am still unsure if I should put a rear wing on the car or not! As the car was the ex press car and is in so many articles without one.......etc etc, I am a little unsure what to do! I have the winter to decide. I wont be paying the asking price of £700 quid for one though so if anyone has one let me know!! I am after the one that fits and lifts up with the tailgate.


Other than that there is not much extra info, the car handles like a dream and turns in far better "in my opinion" that both of the Ferrari,s, it lacks the engine note of a V12 lambo on song but it is so much easier to drive. I think in short I was lucky to start with an esprit and learn how to sli....de it about. You get more feedback from the car in general than the others. If driven with throttle and wheel control the V8 GT will not spin out on you as quick as a Prancing horse and it will let you feel were your going, I have only had the car a short while and i will certainly bring it to some events next year. A friend of mine has the other gold show car and we will put them together as often as possible.







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