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Wayne Owen's 1998

Wayne Owen from Bath, UK owns a 1998 V8-GT in Chrome metallic orange, with a Black interior.


Year: 1998
Colour: Chrome metallic orange
Interior: Black
Driving Style: Careful
Miles per year: 1,000 – 2,000
Owned Since: 2017
Purchase from: Private
Serviced at: Southwest lotus
Other Cars: Corsa
Previous Lotus': V8SE 1999
Why an Esprit: Why a Esprit well in my opinion,it has the most ageless timeless gorgeous designs of all time especially the V8s, where ever it goes it attracts interest V8GT and V8 in general is a rare thing to see now
Upgrades: 2x cats,  2x turbos, 2x oil coolers, new radiator, converted centre sports exhaust with federal defuser ,
Problems: Leaks on oil coolers, cats broke up, 1 x turbo with problems so had both renewed, only thing to sort now is dreaded hot start problem replaced crank sensorsee how it goes before we do cam sensor'

Work to be carried out next year, rear light conversion, new dampers and springs, all struts to be shot blasted and powder coated, and cam belt service, keep on top any problems don't cane it and look after it, the colour I believe correct and original from factory chrome metallic orange, I'm told only 2 V8GT in the uk of this colour the other is a track car. There will be more pics to come as works carried out,

UPDATE July 2017
Any other V8 owners suffering with hot start problem found solution after lots of head scratching, crank sensor replaced had no joy, took plenum off found 2x coil packs both with cracks replaced both, while plenum was off took all injectors out, sent them to local injection centre to be ultra sonic cleaned and tested 2x found with little crap inside now all as good as new, far far cheaper than buying new set of injectors ! rebuilt and now restarts at 95c advice I can give take your time don't rush it as it looks very daunting but it can be done even with limited knowledge like mine hope this helps, happy motoring people.


August 2017
Out with Sid owen (DAD ) with his pride and joy triumph STAG , trying his best to keep up with the V8 ESPRIT at RAF Kemble , all good English products with brittania in background , good times



May 2018
Just got my V8GT back from southwest lotus, work carried out was full nitron racing system suspension, all bushes replaced with poly bushes, all struts removed shot blasted and repainted, and rear bearings replaced, the car is now getting back to its former glory! Next years jobs are cam belts, plenium and cam covers stripped and repainted, this is going to be one of the best when finished and a plus to it there’s only 2 metallic chrome orange V8s in the uk and this is one of them! 



August 2019
trip to southwest lotus in May my V8GT was booked in for full cambelts and service, also plenum and cam covers were stripped and repainted, why she was stripped down they found slight oil leak which was reaching cam belts so all seals stripped and replaced all good now ready for this season, next years work just a snag list I'm working through and paint correction, same old same old stone chips, last pic school prom, photographer said he thought these were extinct.



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