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Sven Krueger's 1985 & 1982


Sven Krueger from Berlin, Germany, owns a 1985 Turbo Esprit in Calypso Red with a Magnolia Interior
and a 1982 Esprit S3 in Mustard Yellow with a Champagne/Beige interior.


Turbo S2
Year: 1985 1982
Colour: Calypso Red Mustard Yellow
Interior: It was Magnolia Beige, but I changed it to bicolour black/red Champagne/Beige
Driving Style: Fast
Miles per year: 1,000 – 2,000
Owned Since: 2011
Purchase from: Private
Serviced at: Rammspot & Brandt, SJ Sportcars SJ Sports / UK Sports Cars
Other Cars: DeLorean, KIA Elan Roadster, Golf Cabrio 1
Previous Lotus': Lotus Elite (project) Lotus Elite (project)
Why an Esprit: This is one of the cars I couldn't effort if I was young, now I can live some of my dreams. The design is perfect and it makes fun to drive with the car on the German Autobahn. Childhood Dream, I like the design and James Bond.
Upgrades: I brought the car to a professional saddler and changed the whole interiour from the original magnolia leather to black/red. incl. Doors Dash Board and Steering Wheel. I changed the Shock Absorbers to Sparx and bought an K & N Airfilter and Magnocor Ignition Cables.
K & N Air Filter, Magnecor Competition Cable, Adjustable Sparx Suspension Kit, spent a lot of money on small repair works of the chrome parts around the windows anf fixed new handles, door lock etc.
Problems: After my very first Test Drive my Turbo and some gaskets get spolied and I had to change the parts. This is done at Ramspott and Brandt some of the professionals which know about the old cars in Germany.' With the Suspension, Tyres, Brakes, Engine etc.

I bought both of my Esprits in the UK they are RHD which I registered in Germany which wasn't as difficuilt as I was expecting in the beginning.

But why two? The secret is I send my wife to purchase them, she could not decide at this time, so I had to buy both of them.

The whole car was going under repainting in August 2011 and had not seen the road again since this time. The car wasn't in a very good body condition and was bad painted. Somebody sprayed yellow on the calypso red, but in a very bad manner. Because I like the musturd yellow colour tone most of all paints I decided to give the car a unique new look.


A big thanks to Paul from UK Sports Cars who brought the cars from the Island to my hometown.


The most complications you are facing with the TUV or DEKRA in Germany if you want to register cars from foreign countries. The biggest problem I was facing with the Tyres, because in the original papers there is only one size of tyres entered and this are exactly the Tyres they want to see for the registration. But this is nearly impossible to manage because the Tyres are not produced any more. With the help of a member from the German Lotus Forum I was able to register a second Tyres size for the original rims, because Lotus issued him in earlier years a certificate for a different size which the German TUV accepted. .




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