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Steven Burridge's 1998

Steven Burridge from Perth, Western Australia owns a 1998 V8 in Metallic Silver, with a Red/Black leather interior.


Metallic silver
Driving Style:
KM per year: 4,000
Owned Since:
June 2004
Purchase from:
Serviced at:
SRE race equipment
Other Cars:
Nissan Patrol 4x4, Kia
Why an Esprit:

Rare, Fast and keeps me young (feeling)

I lost my S4 and was paid out by my insurance company and to be fair I looked around for ages at every car but lets face it the Esprit is awesome looking - has awesome performance - and I jumped straight back into one with out a thought.

Upgrades: Bgearbox upgrade lock diff - load bolt – boost controller – 10 lb actuators – BOV – sat nav alarm – total re-trim red/black leather – reverse senors – straight though stainless steel muffler system -
blown differential (totally my doing)
See Below

Steve with the (EX) Nos lotus upgraded to the V8 after the insurance company wrote of the white S4 (which was then purchased by the panel beater) so it is getting repainted and will appear again soon.


I have only just got the V8 so mods are light on at the moment, but this V8 flys I am not sure if it needs any more! a 4 stage boost controller allows me to dial up power so easy its frighting – some of the pics are from a martial art magazine spread which was run over here in Oz i will send you a copy later. I will forward more details of the crash etc later.


Interior Retrim


Gearbox, Exhausts and Dump Valves


These pics with the gearbox (missing) show the straight though mufflers which where not required to be removed when removing the gearbox (bonus) the BOV system is clearly show as well I am organising a dyno run for the car results soon.




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