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Steve Smith's 1989

Steve Smith from , UK owns a 1989 SE in Pacific Blue, with a Tan interior.


Year: 1989
Colour: Pacific Blue
Interior: Tan
Driving Style: ???
Miles per year: ???
Owned Since: ???
Purchase from: Private Sale
Serviced at: ?
Other Cars: ?
Previous Lotus': none
Why an Esprit: ?
Upgrades: ?
Problems: ?

Nice to see the face behind the man. I see the devotion even stems to the PC wallpaper. Well what can I say, madness has taken it's toll. After upsetting owners trying to sell all over the country I'm now the proud owner of an '89 Pacific Blue Esprit Turbo SE.

It's not that I changed my mind over what I prefered but more that I had the money in the bank and if I didn't buy a car I was going to spend all my money driving all over the country trying to find the perfect Esprit that was never going to be found. So I set myself some limits and decided that if a car had sufficient service records and was ok I would consider it, otherwise I was never going to buy one.

Details are:

Esprit Turbo SE ['89/G], 69000 Miles, Body work perfect, not a mark on it. Leather interior not perfect but what can you expect for a 69000 mile car. It's still good enough to be re-connollised [if that's the right term]. Wood dash has a few cracks but nothing major. The exterior colour is just fantastic and has no spidering in the paint at all. One of my criteria was that I didn't want a red one. Black would have been great but they're like gold dust

Jun 1998 Paul Matty rebuilt turbo
Jul 2000 'C' Service carried out at Paul Matty
Dec 2001 'A' Service carried out at Lotus dealer, brakes on front replaced and radiator and fans replaced.

Only found 2 problems when going through your most excellent checklist. Electronic fuel flaps and wing mirrors not working. These will be fixed before I take posetion. The only thing that was of any concern left to me was the steering rack but that felt exactly the way you said it should, The car did just pass it's MOT and it wasn't mentioned as a point to watch on the 'A' service record in December as all other corrected problems were in the past.


The car cost me £12,750. Out of all the cars I have seen nothing came close to this one for body work, engine bay cleanliness, and service history. I'm not joking when I say that I have every bill for every stamp in the log book. Poor bloke was going mad as I sat there and went through them all. : )

The car has had 5 owners and all have had the service done at Lotus service agents at the correct time, and had all faults corrected when necessary. 1998 the car had £6k spent on it [mainly the turbo rebuild]. What is significant was that during that persons ownership '96-'99 it only did 5000 miles. My only guess was it sat in a garage for several months and the owner took it out for a drive.... and BANG!!!!!

Cars entertainment is the 6 cd multichanger system. Last owner sold it after one year and traded it in to buy a brand new V8 Esprit. The previous owner again had it for just over a year and traded in for an Elise. How could he... Once again many thanks for all of your help, I couldn't have done this without you.

I will no doubt send you emails asking for advice on this in the future and look forward to adding my name to your owners page in the near future as well. I'll take some pictures with my brothers digital camera and send them to you. Regards

Ian Henderson. PS oh yeah there was a mesh section missing where the exhaust pipe exits the rear valance.


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