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Sebastien Barideau's 1979

Sebastien Barideau from Evreux, France owns a 1979 JPS in Black with Gold Trim, with a Black leather and Beige interior.


S2 JPS No.017
Year: 1979
Colour: Black with Gold Trim
Interior: Black & Beige
Driving Style: Very Fast
Miles per year: 0 - 1,000
Owned Since: ?
Purchase from: Private
Serviced at: I do evry thing on it myself, I buy my parts at SJ sports car, and lotus bits
Other Cars: MATRA murena, MATRA bagheera, BERTONE X1/9
Previous Lotus': None
Why an Esprit: I love his design, and his light weith
Upgrades: I have equiped the rear original weels with two YOKOHAMA 235/60/14 for a more agressive look. It's very dificult to find this tires size.
Problems: The cooling system is very bad. When I bought it, the car was not complet. They were two racing seats, and they were not the original steering weel. The car was restored but not finished. I must finished it myself.
Info: Mileages 53,891. I'm looking for another Esprit S2.2(federal)



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