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Scott Chester's 1985

Scott Chester from Brooklyn, NY, USA owns a 1985 Turbo Esprit in Flat camo Green
with a Green and gold faux suede with camouflage rip-stop nylon accents (for wear resistance) interior.


Turbo Esprit
Year: 1985
Colour: Flat camo Green
Interior: Green and gold faux suede with camouflage rip-stop nylon accents (for wear resistance)
Driving Style: "Stealth"
Miles per year: ??? just finished
Owned Since: July 06
Purchase from: Ebay The second owner who sat on it for seven years while it baked in the California desert and never got to drive it 'cause he wasn't able to (afford to) repair it properly.
Serviced at: a secret location in Queens NYC
Other Cars: Range Rover HSE, two Maserati Biturbo spyders (one red one black, both running great!)
Previous Lotus': in my dreams
Why an Esprit: Everything else was impractical!
Upgrades: Sound and video, Kenesis wheels custom made for this Lotus (offsets etc.)
Problems: Slower traffic, Potholes...Oh, the Lotus? Runs rich (fire out of the exhaust during downshifting) needs new wheel bearings. None yet!



This is a story about an Esprit that spent seven years in the California desert getting baked every day till the leather was as brittle as plastic and the clear coat separated from the paint. The owner decided he would sell the car on Ebay where I bought, brought it to New York it and restored it. Any New York cleaning service worker can vouch for the fact that the winters are tough on maintenance issues, but in the case of this Esprit the departure from incessant sunlight was actually a good thing.


now its in Miami... dominating!




The Hawker Harrier (the jump jet) is a British airplane that the U.S. Marines also use. This Lotus (a British car) is painted like the U.S. Harrier (which Americans [damn lucky ones] drive [fly] in U.S. air space!


Scott and his Esprit


Under the Hood!




Prep for Painting


In the Miami Sun!



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