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Paul Webber's 1989

Paul Webber from Essex, England owns a 1989 Esprit NA in Galaxy Blue, with a Cream Leather interior.


Galaxy Blue
Driving Style:
Miles per year:
Owned Since:
January 2003
Purchase from:
Barry Ely
Serviced at:
Barry Ely/ Alan Collins
Other Cars:
Ford Mondeo, Fiat Punto
Previous Lotus':
Why an Esprit:
We own a family run business that have manufactured for Lotus for over 25 yrs as many young lads I have always loved the Esprit a dream car and because of the connection with my own business it was a dream come true when I picked up my first Lotus.
Upgrades/Replacements: have not done that much since getting my hands on the car my aim is to keep the car as standard as possible. I have purchased a green cotton air filter which did increase performance and had the engine tuned by a specialist which made a lot of difference. Had to replace the slave cylinder and accelerator cable as these broke when travelling back from the Alton towers meet last month some people may have even seen me stuck on the M40 hard shoulder. I have also done some touch up work on the body mainly the black bits.,But all in all just enjoying the car at the moment driving it as often as I can like most Esprit drivers when I first got my Lotus it never went out in the rain and I try not to if it can be helped. My next attempt at making the car better is to do some touch up work on the door frames just starting to show some rust spot's and it's one of these niggely things in the back of my mind when I'm driving it, also at some point I will change the head light housings I will probably make the new one's myself out of aluminium as I own a manufacturing company I thought it a good idea. In the process of purchasing a stainless performance exhaust just to finish of the super car look and sound.
had a few problems but with this club and the uklotusesprit yahoo club I have met and spoken to many people who have helped me with them. 1. Gears crunching (slave cylinder replaced and clutch adjusted) 2. water coming from the front when driving (drain hole blocked under the light housing) 3. accelerator cable broke (replaced) 4. head lamp dull (replaced connections and bulbs) 5. over heated (replaced relay and connections)

I had problems trying to get my car serviced as I live in the middle of nowhere and as I work all day like everyone else trying to find a garage with enough experience and to give me confidence to service and do repairs on my car. Then I came across a garage just round the corner from me that I never knew was there and I have lived and worked here for over 10yrs the Garage is Alan Collins specialise in performance cars. Friendly, know what there on about and don't rip you off that's a good garage in my books. If your in the south east and you would like a number for Alan Collins drop me a line or if you want to know any information or I can help about he car then contact me as well.


Been busy with my lotus the last few months firstly got a new set of rear tyres from super tyres in Maldon Essex (01621-840100) a very good service with knowledge of esprit fittings, new were the jacking points were and took extra care with the wheels when replacing the tyres.

Tyres i went for are: 245-45-16 Hankook £74.00p each+ VAT includes new valves, fitting and balancing.

Secondly bought a new stainless steel twin exit exhaust from a company in Basildon called Hayward and Scott (01268-727256) for a complete custom exhaust cost was £700.00p. The feed back i have had from anyone that has heard my car now is fantastic and i am really pleased with the overall look and sound of the car, they made and fitted the exaust and also did the work on the fibre glass for the other exit pipe for that price, fantastic service and always a good sign when the place was full of super cars. When i picked my car up the performance i think seemed alot better not sure if louder means better but i had a huge smile on my face as i drove my Lotus home.


Next decided finally to purchase a rear wing for my car although it will not enhance the performance of the car i always looked at my car and thought something was missing. Purchased a red second hand one from Lotus Bits wing cos £90.00p respray to Galaxy Blue and fitting cost £200.00p fom a garage i will not mention as i had alot of trouble with them but finally got what i wanted as you can see from the pictures below.


Next was a B service which Allan Collins in Maldon carried out, cost was £343.78p nothing special about the B service and he also fixed a few minor problems with the car at no extra cost.

Next was to replace all the springs on the car as most of them were in bad condition i also had some vibration coming through the steering wheel which i put down to the springs. After talking to PNM i went for:

Rear S4S (A082D4169F) £44.10P Each
Front Esprit (PNMC4097) £42.95P Each

Again PNM have always been very helpful and a great source of information i would recommend them to anyone (no i don't work there!!!).

Got the springs sprayed silver from a paint shop round the corner from my work cost was £10.00p per spring, as you can see in the picture below.

I got a garage in Latchingdon Rob Walsh to fit them, had heard alot about Rob and he also looks after a few Rally cars. Very Professional job, took a great deal of care making sure everything was spot on even cleaned up my shocks and gave them a lick of black paint to contrast the silver on the springs, cost was £225.00p, one problem accured when changing the springs the lower bush on the damper arm had ceased into the wish bone and the damper arm, rob cut out the old one and replaced it with a bush from PNM (PNM Bush Shock Lower) £6.00p. i wouldn't say it has enhanced the performance or handling of the car bu just gives me a better piece of mind driving it

Lastly i have just replced my front tyres from www.tyre4u.com they had a few tyres on there site but i went for the 215-50-15 Bridgestone S01 £84.83p + vat Each which seemed a good price. obviously changing the tyres for new ones always makes the car feel smoother and handles better.

Finally i have been on a few meets lately Alton Towers always a great day out and if you can make the next one you should great bunch of people every year this one is down to Robin who organises it.

Oxford meet was also a great day out over 50 esprit turned up a fantastic sight as you all hoon down the roads and the noise is superb another one you should make if you can. Picture below of the three esprit is the Essex guys Will, Julian and Me on our way to the oxford meet.


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