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Norihito Nagase's 1989

Norihito Nagase from Tokyo, Japan owns a 1989 SE in Vulcan Grey, with a Black Leather interior.


1989 (MY 1990)
Vulcan Grey
Driving Style:
Fast & Tight
Miles per year:
2,500 /half year
Owned Since:
23 Dec 2002
Purchase from:
Foreign car dealer
Serviced at:
Lotus Shop 'Happy'
Other Cars:
VW Passat Wagon '95
Previous Lotus':
Why an Esprit:
I love this shape and Handling.
Upgrades: 1:New Steering Rack & Universal Joint,
2:New Tires=Dunlop SP9000,
3:K&N Air Filter,
4:New Shift Lever(same as S4),
5:New Stereo with Half-Din Pocket,
6:New Braided Clutch Hose,
7:New Accel Wire, 8:Repaint Cum Cover,
9:New Timing Belt,
10:New Oil Seal,
11:New Door Handle(Right Side),
12:New Room Mirror,
13:New Steering Wheel,
14:New Plastic Header Tank(same as later S4),
15:New Radiator and Fans(I painted to black) with new Hoses,
16:Electric Charge Cooler Pump->after changed from mechanical one, I've got more torque at lower rev,
17:New Alternator,
18:New Carpet,
19:Ram Air Conversion,
20:Spare Wheel Removal,
21:Expansion Tank Removal,
22:Dump Valve(PUK).

1:Shift lever pulled off from mount,
2:Oil leak at seal,
3:Worn Steering Rack,
4:Worn Steering Wheel,
6:Leak from charge cooler header tank,
7:Broken Room mirror mount,
8:Floor mat(Isuzu one!),
9:Broken radiator fan.

-Not Fixed-
1:Deformed (by previous owner) front bumper and spoiler,
2:Worn leathers in cabin.
3:Worn Seats,
4:Cracked Meter Panels,
5:Rusted Pedels,
6:Worn Carpets,
8:Worn Brake Servo, Vacuum pump.


1:New Servo, New Vacuum pump.-coming soon!
2:Change Brakes, Front to AP (SJ), Rear to WilWood(PNM).-coming soon!
3:Change Battery to Odyssey PC925(Save 8Kg! from rear).-coming soon!
4:New O2 Sensor, MAT Sensor, etc...
5:New Horn.-I am serching for good sound!
6:ECU Chips to #3. High-Torque!
7:Exhaust Manifold, De-Cat Pipe, Silencer.
8:Drilled Pedals.
9:Replace Meter Binnacle, add additional meters(Volt meter, Digital Indicators, etc...)
10:Change Leathers of Cabin.
11:New Carpets.
12:New Seats.
13:Change Front Bumper and Spoiler.(I hope to replace lights too.)
14:Change Front Screen (Green Tint & Blue Strip).
15:Oil Cooler to Laminova(if possible and efficient), then replace charge cooler radiator x 2.
16:AirCon with new technology.(Electric driven just like Electric car equipped, if possible).
and more...





Indicator Mod

Front bumper change and turn signal modify. I stuck "photo paper parts of fog/dummy eye/turn signal light" taken from VW
passat 95. Height of the parts from VW passat 95 is almost same as Esprit Indicator lights. But I need change center dummy eye to light up(for marker light).




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