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Michael D McBain's 1979

Michael D McBain from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK owns a 1979 S2 in Red, with a Brown interior.


Year: 1979
Colour: Red
Interior: Brown
Driving Style: Normal
Miles per year: 1000-2000
Owned Since: Aug 2002
Purchase from:  
Serviced at: @ Home
Other Cars:  
Previous Lotus': None
Why an Esprit: Its the only car ive ever wanted since i saw one in the murry motors window in Edinburgh,the value for money these days is unbelievable.
Upgrades: Kenwood sterio system,amplifier and sub woofer with a 6 disk auto changer in the glove compartment.All bought for peanuts at the U.S Forces PX in Gieesen Germany.Its all a tight fit but it sounds fantastic.The engine was rebuilt 15k ago but im needing to set the carbs up for it to run sweet.Ive ordered lots of parts from SJ SPORTSCARS LTD online including the gearchange mod part number sj502.
Problems: The starter doesnt work sometimes when its hot so ill replace it soon.Appart from that its perfect.
Info: The Lotus Esprit is in Scotland and im in Kuwait so i only see it one week a year.Im having it rebuilt while im away,The sterio and electrics are being done proffesionaly by a friend who is an autoelectrician.Next up will be the rebuild of the transmission.Once thats been taken care of ill send it to have the interior done.Im going for the full tan leather hide with red suede inserts on the door pannels and seats.
The paint will be last to be done along with the original speedline wheels in the new year.
My dad and brother in law are looking after it while im away so im expecting them to put plenty of miles on the clock?????
It will be like new when i return to Scotland.
Im a civilian technician for the U.S Forces in Kuwait based at camp doha.I work on the M1 Abrams main battle tanks so its all go and fun down here at the moment.
Havent seen any Lotus down here yet just a bunch of Porches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Vipers.They are about as common as ford escorts are in the uk.If i see one ill let you all know.Later,Have a nice day now!



I bought my Esprit S2 in august 2002 from a guy called Jason peace in Woking. I had just arrived back home to Scotland after contracting for the U.S Forces in Germany and finaly had enough money to clear all my debts and buy my dream car.

I searched everywhere and most Esprits had been sold but for one which was advertised in autotrader.co.uk.It didnt have a picture or much info but i called the number anyway and spoke to Jason.He said it was no show winner but it runs well,OK i said ill be there tomorrow.It was only when i put the phone down i realised i didnt have any way to get there so i got back on the phone to my brother in law to steal his Mitsubishi Shogun and a friends new trailer.SORTED!


I left Edinburgh late at night and arrived in Woking the next day finding it quite quickly so i parked up in an industrial estate nearby for a few hours rest.5pm came and i took a slow walk around to his house and there it was in the driveway under a car cover.I was slightly early so i waited 10 minutes till Jason arrived home from work.

When he got back he took the cover off and all i had to do was keep cool and not slaver to much(not easy) The S2 looked good,it had a few scratches,bit orange peel on the door and the interior was original but missing the roof pannel. We went for a road run and it went well showing no problems.Lots of receipts from Christopher Neil Ltd, Lakeside Engineering, Bell & Colvill and Priory Vauxhall Lotus Centre.So we came to a quick deal and she was mine,I drove away from the house to where my trailer was parked.It was a tight squeeze ,the front spoiler was close but it made it, i secured it down then looked at it for half an hour before heading back to Edinburgh.

On the way back everyone was watching me as i cruised up the motorway in the Shogun pulling the Lotus on the new trailer. The next day i sorted out my insurance and hit the road drawing looks from all,I even pulled up next to a 355 Ferrari at the lights on Lothian road in Edinburgh,everyone crossing was looking at my Esprit and not the Ferrari which made me smile.

Unfortunately i only had 1 week with my car as i had to go to Kuwait for 6 months.Im an Armoured vehicle tec (civilian) contracting for the U.S Forces specialising in main battle tank turrets. While ive been away ive had a few things done.


Work done so far: Replaced K&N air filters, Replaced the exhaust gaskets, had the lights repaired(dodgy wiring) and had an alarm/immobiliser fitted by G.C Auto electrics. Ive also purchased parts from SJ SPORTSCARS: wiper arm, chrome wheel nuts, indicator lamps(front), bumper(front), nose badge, tailgate badges, wheel centre badges,Gear change bushes and a clutch.

I arrived back from Kuwait on march 2nd 2003 to find my brother in law had taken the Esprit to his work to fit the clutch and gear change bushes.Unfortunately on the test drive an oil cooler pipe burst dumping all the oil,the wheels locked cam belt came off valves bent etc etc.oh well at least the gearbox works now!Looks like the oil cooler pipe has been rubbing the chassis for quite a while.Im having all the work done this week but im going back to Kuwait so ill have to wait another 6 months to drive it :-(


While im away i hope to have the following done:

Work to do: Engine re build, Respray, reseal front wind shield, Re furbish wheels and fit a sports exhaust.

Work done by:

G.C. Auto Electrics Brother in law Derek Orr
Liberton Newton Garage
Edinburgh The Wisp, Edinburgh
Tel: 0131 666 2176 Tel:0131 669 6336


Also thanks to: Steve at

for the parts.

Time for an update on my S2

Its 8th april 04 and ive been back in the country for 1 month after spending 1 year in Kuwait & Iraq and 6 months in the Philippines where i got married.

Got home to find my S2 Esprit parked up in the garage looking really rough and sorry for its self. Not many of the jobs that were supposed to be done while i was away had been done, No surprise there! So over the last month ive been really busy.First up i pulled the interior out and completely retrimed all the chocolate brown suede, took some time to get it just right but im pleased with the end result.You can see it in the photo. Next time im home i will send the seats to get new leather (Not going to try that myself).


As for the engine, it was pretty poor, oil in the breather system flying about the place. The top end is rebuilt but think ive got some broken piston rings, that will also have to wait till next time im home, but just for now ive fitted an oil catch tank whick is doing just nicely for the short term.

The electrics had obviously been fitted by the local primary school so i got to work on that too, just need to replace the r/h headlight lift motor to finish off there. I've arranged for the paint respray while im away. It will be done this time as i arranged it myself. OH yeh and i also refurbished all the alloy wheels replaced the valves and front tyres. My fingers are in bits with all the rubbing with wet and dry paper. Im off to Germany again to play with the M1 abrams tanks and M2 Bradley IFVs, But i will be back with hope that the S2 Esprit will be ready to rock?


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