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Mark Sich's 1989

Mark Sich from Detroit, US owns a 1989 SE in Black, with a Tan interior.


Year: 1989
Colour: Black
Interior: Tan
Driving Style: FTL - have to out race the bullets
Miles per year: 0 - 1,000
Owned Since: July 2003
Purchase from: Private Sale – Ebay
Serviced at: www.autoeuropesales.com
Other Cars: C5 corvette, 350Z, Mustang GT
Previous Lotus': none
Why an Esprit: Know the difference The C5 can be driven like a "normal" car, the Esprit requires TOTAL driver concentration, every bump, every turn, every double cluching downshift... everything must be planned. It is about finess and smoothness... the Esprit then reacts with the quickness of a thought.
Upgrades: Brand new high-end paint job, S4 wheels, V8 hatch, V8 rear spoiler, newer plinth, custom exhaust and performance chip (all done by previous owner).
Problems: side view mirrors, window motors, replace rear shocks, front cv joints, head gasket (it exploded on me and sent antifreeze all over the engine compartment), the impeller for the charge cooler, rusted sparkplugs, headlights (they had been totally summerged in rain water because the drain holes had never been uncloged, and shorted out when turned on), and replaced the clutch and flywheel.


'Rear' Before and After




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