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Larry Keatley's 1999

Larry Keatley from Fort Bragg, California, US owns a 2000 V8 in new Aluminum, with a black interior.


Year: 1999
Colour: New Aluminum
Interior: Black
Driving Style: Fast
Miles per year: 2,000 - 4,000
Owned Since: 2008
Purchase from: Private Sale
Serviced at: Lotus Garage (online) @ Newporteuropean and Boardwalk lotus Redwood city ca.
Other Cars: BMW & misc. work vehicles
Previous Lotus': None
Why an Esprit: "A friend left it with me to sell fo him, as I have a business next to a busy Hwy. I started driving it while in the process of trying to sell it. Then I started driving it on weekend drives. About this time I had been looking for a high HP BMW, after pricing and driving several, It occured to me I had a just asfast, far more beautiful, hand built, mid-engine sports car sitting in my front yard -- for half the price...end of story."
Upgrades: I plan on keeping it just like it came out of the Lotus factory. Why screw up a good thing. Only kidding. I really enjoy seeing cars that are tracked -up. However; after being involved for many years with high powered diesel trucks, I learned a long time ago " If you play: you pay
Problems: One of the mirrors decided that pointing towards the ground was better than looking backwards. I fixed it my self. I had the cam drive belts changed as per Lotus age requirement as the car only had 17,000 miles but was a 1999

I knew buying an Esprit was going to be a project that may never end, but for the price the payoff will be worth it. I have driven NSX's, 550hp nobles and a few others; but forget the zero to 60 in 3 seconds. Just for the ,minamlist, shear pleasure of driving, the esprit is hard to beat. Before I purchased the car I went looking for a mechanic and a place to purchase parts. Here in the US this is a big problem. There just arn't many mechanics who have the special tools or manuals to work on them. Parts are tough to, no used Esprits laying around these woods. Anyway, I found Lotus Garage online lotus parts at newporteuropean. they have the whole car broken down and you can get almost everthing ( with-in reason) on the car. Also after speaking with all the lotus dealers in the SF bay area, I took my car to Boardwalk lotus in Redwood city Ca. to have the accessory drive and the cam drive belts changed. They did the job for 1200 pus tax (US). After hearing quotes for over 3000, I thought 1200 dollars was a fair price. ..and I liked the people.

My dog Guinness sure Loves the Lotus."


January 2009
We just returned from a two thousand mile trip in our Esprit. We made a round trip from Northern California to the desert area of Southern Ca. and back. On the way down the coast I made a special effort to stop at JAE parts in Goleta, just north of Santa Barbara. The guys showed me around and gave me a very nice JAE shirt. I'm pretty sure most Esprit owner are already aware of JAE, if not, you can find them a www.jaeparts.com.

These guys have more esprit parts in one place than I'd ever imagined, and also have some hard to find items custom built. This trip confirmed for me that esprit's are at their best on two lane roads, such as the ones which weave up and down the California coast. Although we did quit a bit of driving on freeways and in stop & go traffic in towns, it's all about traveling on these roads to get to a country road; where you can open the car up and go fast. I've enclosed a picture of my Esprit next to a friend's, whom I purchased the esprit from, Noble 400. (another English designed speedster, Hummm). As far as I know, his noble was the last one sold to the public. It was modified (550 hp on the low button) by Hoover at www.TurboHose.com. It was shown on an episode of Super Cars Exposed, on the speed channel, here in the US.


September 2009
I have enclosed some photos of my esprit at turbohoses R&D's 2009 track day at Thunderhill raceway in Willows Ca. You may add the following text to my page: Sept. 31, I took my esprit to http://www.turbohoses.com/ 2009 friends and customers track day at Thunderhill Raceway located near Willows Ca.. The Lotus looked a little out of place surrounded by Noble's which are the cars Hover, at thurbohoses, modifies and race prep's. This was the first time I've been able to really drive my car hard and find out where it's handing edge was. The car's handling was all I could ever have imagined. Absolute precision in scary fast cornering. What I would say if ask; how did it do? I'd have to say "It's a Lotus". Here are several youtube video links; which have small clips ( very short ) of my car behind a red Noble in one video and a silver Noble in the other. Unfortunately I only had Hi performance street tires while most of the other cars were on Toyo triple R's . Boy, If you ever have the opportunity to get your Esprit on a track: Don't turn it down. You will be spoiled forever and driving on the street will never be close to fun again. I was told this by a sports car racer and was he ever right on.





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