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Jody Sciuto's 1976

Jody Sciuto from Brescia, Italy owns a 1976 S1 in White with Q's modifications.


Driving Style:
I'm on the track
Miles per year: 0
Owned Since:
8 February 2002
Purchase from:
Mr. Domenico Morassutti (Italian car collector)
Serviced at:
Isn't Serviced!
Other Cars:
Lotus Esprit Turbo 1982 (a copy of the car used by 007 in the movie " For your eyes only"), Mecedes C series 2500 TD, Fiat 500 1970
Previous Lotus':
Why an Esprit:
simply because i love it
Upgrades: Body shell
A lot of media and jornalist :-)
See below!


In 8th February 2002 I have purchased this rarest (only piece in the world) car/gadget from Mr. domenico Morassutti (italian car collector) which 17th september 1998 for approximately £35000 pounds during the first auction dedicated entire to 007 in auction Chistie's his will purchased. Currently the car it comes i used for a series of tour exhibit dedicated to James Bond and have much interest between fans and media. Also the national italian tv the exhibit and the car has had great space in a reportage cured from the CNN-world, probably in the 2005 the exhibitions go to Germany and Austria after a parentheses also to Monte Carlo (Monaco) plaza of casino.

Relayed link:
For other info call me on: +39 335 5722311

Lower, wider even that its Lotus predecessors, the wedge-shaped Esprit S1 of 1976 was sensationally styled By Giugiaro. Its 160 bhp engine propelled it to close to 130 mph. A rigid backbone suspension chassis and well designed all indipendent suspensions provided superlative roadholding and steering - the most significant feature of the Lotus Esprit S1 featured in the 1977 United Artist/Eon film "The spy who loved me" was that it "converted into a submarine". In the film, Q's modifications meant that the Lotus had the optional extras of four water propellers, retracting road wheels, hydrovanes, and impressive offensive armament, a periscope and all that was necessary for survival beneath the sea's surface. The convincing underwater sequences in the film were largely filmed in tightly controlled condictions in a huge studio water tank. Lotus have confirmed that this car or shell was one of two complete cars and two "kits" plus extra body shells, used in the film. The first owner purchased this Lotus shell in Bahamas in 1988 and decided to prepare it as it had been used in the film, in the underwater sequence. Lotus supplied photographs and technical informations on how the car was prepared for filming, and the vendor duly returned it to the specifications in which it appeared in the film.


While this remarkable car "prop" does not have engine or running gear it remains a rare and eye-catching exhibit; In "the spy who loved me", James Bond (Roger Moore) modified Lotus provides much of the film's excitement. It is used by the film-makers as an updated version of the aston Martin with the additionalimpressive feature that this car turns into a submarine. As a road car it is involved in an entertaining chase around Sardinia pursued by a missile-launching motorbike, Jaws (Richard Kiel) and a car full of Stromberg's henchmen, and finally by Stromberg's mistress Naomi in a helicopter. In an effort to evade Naomi, Bond accompanied by Russian agent Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach) drivers the car off a jetty into the sea where it trasforms into a submarine. Bond uses one a remarkable Lotus' many features - a missile-launcher - to dispose of Naomi and proceeds to take a closer look at Stromberg's underwater base. Having utilized the submarine Lotus' arsenal of weapons including ink jets, torpedoes and mines to fight off Stromberg's hostile drivers. Bond drivers the car up a beach to the amazement of the many holiday makers.

See more stuff on LEW about the Sub here



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