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Jeff Pollard's 1998

Jeff Pollard from Milton, Canada owns a 1998 V8 in Azure Blue, with a Cream.




Colour: Azure Blue
Interior: Cream
Driving Style: Fast
Miles per year: 2,000 – 4,000
Owned Since: 2014
Purchase from: Private Sale
Serviced at: AlfaSports, checking alternatives.
Other Cars: MGTD, MGA w/Chevy 283 & auto tranny- weird but fast, couple of '74 Vettes
Previous Lotus': My first
Why an Esprit: I love the 'wedge' design, the Colin Chapman mystique/history/engineering. It's sexy, exciting to drive, unique in this neck of the woods & No, it's not a Ferrari!! The Esprit has been top of my 'Bucket' list for at least 10yrs.
Upgrades: 99% stock, with the exception of 'straight- thru' exhausts from the 'cats'!
Problems: I suspect a 'leak' in the A/C system; as it was recharged a week before I took possession of it, but it lasted only a couple of days! No biggy! Also, I experienced the common grief of replacing the air intake filters (hands too big), a mod. of the filter housing screw/bolts at a later time I think - perhaps spring clips to replace lower screw/bolts. BTW, I also experienced dropping a bolt & 7mm socket, they ended up between the engine block and what I believe to be a heat-shield (being a 'nit picker', I don't want any rattles)!


I purchased my Esprit from a chap in Ottawa two months ago; there was a high degree of trepidation on my part, about how to get it down to my neck of the woods. I investigated for about a week, various auto trucking firms who 'specialize' in vehicles like Lotus - they were either crazy expensive or couldn't/wouldn't handle low road clearance vehicles - go figure! So, I bit the bullet, fingers crossed and armed with my cell phone, drove it the 550km (truth be known, this is what I really wanted to do anyway)! the best and most beautiful, uneventful, trip of my life! It took me a little over 5.5 hrs. what with traffic and such and here I was thinking that at my age I'd have to 'ease' into driving distances; what with my back acting-up! Boy, I was pleasantly surprised, not a twinge or anything, very, very comfortable! Not like my old bone shaker 'Vetts'! I was initially nervous about the straight-thru exhausts but the sound is excellent, not too loud


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