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Jean Van Mieghem's 1976

Jean Van Mieghem from Houthalen, Belgium owns a 1977 S1 in White, with a Marcastie Beige interior.


Marcasite Beige
Driving Style:
Miles per year: 1,000 – 2,000
Owned Since:
Purchase from:
Serviced at:
Service by myself
Other Cars:
VW fastback ’67, Toyota MR ’86 mk1, Excel SE ’89
Previous Lotus':
It was mine first
Why an Esprit:
The wedge style, the Esprit is mine dream car and the Bond films had to do with, uh a little. It cost me more than 10 years to find one. And it was in mine own country!
I hope the new Esprit will be fine but still the S1 will stay as mine favorite.
Upgrades: Have now make me a new 912S engine for it, sport brake pads makes a real difference, extra oil & water cooler. The car is now in a testing period. The new engine is in dark side now but it will be later revealed when the little problems are solved.
With the old engine 907: oil leaks, oil leaks, I hate oil leaks, clutch cylinder and main bearing failure (crankshaft), I take to many corners I guess. U/J links.'



Love at first sight
I met the cars on a show at a local town in 1976. I was than 13 years old. Surprised to see the show of all Lotuses, the Elite, Eclat and Esprit together. Later by the Bond Films I was also astonished first with the presentation of the S1 and later by the Turbo.

So I had decided I had to own one. But of course it takes many years before I had the chance to get an S1, I love the Wedge Design, especially by the S1. So after long, very long search and patience I have found mine in 2001 “in mine own country”. The car was in a very good condition, had some cracks on the drivers door, the flank of the battery and the hinges from the light pods but that is common on the Esprits I believe. The chassis needed only a new paint. The interior was in a very good COMPLETE condition. Good points for the previous owners. The engine had some issues like oil leaks everywhere, get it sometimes solved but it last only 500 or 1000 kms.


Despite that I had 5 years of pleasure with it. Now I have building me a new 912S engine together. For the one who likes only originality of an Esprit S1 please reckon with that I have the S1 engine in store and will later rebuild it and can always be replaced back if necessary.


It’s a trill when I start the new engine and it promises much. But when the winter is over I get the chance to run in the engine properly.


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