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Graham Carr's 2001

Graham Carr from Stevenage, UK owns a 2001 V8-GT in Titanium, with a black interior.


Year: 2001
Colour: Titanium
Interior: Black
Driving Style: Normal
Miles per year: 2,000 – 4,000
Owned Since: 2008
Purchase from: Christopher Neil
Serviced at: Christopher Neil and Castle Sports Cars
Other Cars: N/A
Previous Lotus': 1989 Esprit SE Red reg G400HAX
Why an Esprit: Offers Ferrari performance for the price of a Ford Focus. Head turning looks. Rewards good driving as there are no electric aids to get you out of trouble, you either have to be careful or know what you are doing.
Upgrades: Keeping car standard as it was one of the last V8 GT's'
Problems: Fuel tanks replaced by Christopher Neil free of charge as leak discovered on pre sale check. Coolant pipe replaced as crack appeared. Front right wheel arch extension became loose. Loose conection on centre break light, needed fixing twice. Heatshield keeps touching right exhaust, fixed once but noise came back. Exhaust clamp due to be replaced at cambelt service in OCT'09 so hopefully end of noise.'


This car is much better to drive than the SE I once had. Hopefully one day I'll have all the niggles sorted out and returned to show room condition. Just hope my girlfreinds patients does not run out!


September 2009
I've had the front of my car re sprayed from the front doors forward. Had the gel coat repaired due to a crack and the front bumper re fitted as panel gaps not the same on each side. It all cost £1000 from Christopher Neil and they did a really good job.

October 2009
Forget the South of France, Scotland has some of the best roads I've ever been on, espicially the A82 around Fort William. The weather does change often but the roads are good and soon dry out. The Esprit seems to be made for Scotland. Not a speed camera insight though plenty of warning signs.


March 2010
I recently had to spend £3300 on my V8 as one of the turbo's cracked and the annoying rattling heat sheilds needed replacing which meant and engine out job.


Looks rusty but the garage say it has many years left of use. Cracked garret turbo. I was told that if a bit broke off and got sucked into the engine it would have caused lots of damage.


ENGINE STUD THAT SNAPPED, HAD TO BE DRILLED OUT IN THE END. Missing engine mount that I was not aware of. Replaced heat sheild that kept rattling and made me too embarassed to drive the car.


Cheap part but an engine out job to get to. New heat shield.


New turbo. My Lotus garage, Castle sports cars in Stanstead got me a deal. The old one could not be fixed, and a reconditioned one would have cost £690 from Turbo techniques. Lotus retail a new one at £1350 but because they have lots left over, they are keen to get rid of them, and I got a deal of £750. They would have thrown in a new clutch at £750 and charged no labour, but it was not slipping and I'm already over budget. NEW TURBO FITTED

June 2011
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1989 Esprit SE



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