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"Gordonie" Davis' 2000

"Gordonie" Davis from Burbank, USA owns a 2000 V8 in Yellow, with a Black interior.


Year: 2000
Colour: Yellow
Interior: Black
Driving Style: Very Fast
Miles per year: 10,000+
Owned Since: Jun 2001
Purchase from: Lotus – Atlanta
Serviced at: Lotus PBC
Other Cars: 1998 Honda Civic Hatchback
Previous Lotus': 74 Europa (red), 74 Europa (JPS), 79 Esprit, 85 Turbo Esprit
Why an Esprit: This is my fifth Lotus, Third Esprit. This car excites me more than any other. It's the best

See below

Problems: Paying for all of the Upgrades, and waiting for them to get done.


Mellow Yellow

is a 2000 Esprit, and probably one of the most highly modified Esprits in the world, here's some of the modifications I've made to it.

I put on the 2003 front lip, the 2002 rear lights, aircraft type gas fillers, removed the side marker lights, powder coated wheels black, built a "Custom" rear deffuser, (The best rear end on an Esprit, ever. It gives it a rounded look), a "Custom" wing, and removed all of the "Build" lines from the body.


Did a lot of "Custom" paint, have 5 point racing harnesses, a custom Boost Gauge, a "Custom Momo steering wheel, a "Custom fire extinguisher, Momo foot pedals, and a Cruise Control, (The best thing I did, since I love to take her on Long trips).



Performance Enhancements:
HID headlights, AND Driving lights, Wilwood Brakes, 6 pot fronts, 4 pot rears, The Race ECU, Re-flowed Turbos, larger injectors, Custom Inter-Coolers, with Dump Valves, an internal fire system, Limited Slip Differential, a "Custom" trunk, (Needed more space for the inter-coolers), Sport 350 Springs and Shocks, Center exhaust and tips, and removed the CATS, (This makes the car sound FANTASTIC) !!! Upgraded (Heavy Duty), Radiator and Fans, (works from computer, but also installed, is an on/off switch, located where the gas filler flap button used to be). And a heavy duty Fuel Pump.


The car runs unbelievable !!! It is quick, tight, and sounds great. Engines now been colored Black, see further down.


Since I did these upgrades, I have taken a 10,000 mile trip around the U.S., and didn't have one problem. I am a "Happy Camper"


I have spent a lot of money, on making my car a "Super Esprit".



Recent mods are Painted deck louvers Black: Looks great Makes them stand out and goes with other trim. New Seats:   Had old ones re-built.  New Pioneer GPS NAV System, (Now, I can't live without it).  Makes me feel like Capt. Kirk.  Upgraded Stereo System:   Sub-woofers  behind seats, plus 600 Watt Amp.  Awesome !


April 2006
I've changed the engine color to Black, with Gold plated bolts. (see pic further down). Also, the side plates on the wing are new.
(Me paying homage to the Black, one off Racing Elise). Also, the louvers on the back lid, AND the insides of the tail lights are now black. (Quite tasty, I think).


The CF rear defusser and the CF front spoiler lip are new (see mine below).


Had one made for a friend of mine, in Red, I have the mold, if anyone over there wants one.

Here is a write up on my car that I did for Intersections Magazine.

Mellow Yellow The Road Worrier
Mellow Yellow is a 2000 Lotus Esprit.

I got it in June 2001. From the start, I decided that I wanted to drive this car a lot. I set it up for long distance, and have made 5 cross country trips. (Including one that I call "The 4 corners tour", L.A. to Atlanta, New York, Portland, OR, and back to L.A.). I have attended Lotus Conventions in Wisconsin, Niagra Falls, Birmingham, AL, St Louis, And Portland, OR.

When I drive, I try to only go on Secondary Roads. (I hate Freeways; BORING). These are great roads, usually between smaller towns. No traffic, Telephone Poles, Yellow line down the middle, small towns, interesting people, quaint places to eat. If you have to pass some one, you do it like a man, you go around them; 2 cars, 3 cars, 17 cars, what a rush ! Up early, hit the road, drive all day, explore new and interesting places, drive till dusk... I am the Lotus gypsy.

The way that I have Mellow Yellow set up; Strong engine, stiff handling, GREAT sound, cruise control, custom seats, NAV system with 600 watt sound and Xm radio. When I' driving, I feel like Captain Kirk. Mellow Yellow in one of the most highly modified Lotus Esprits in the country.


Here is my list:

Body: Starshield clear bra, Carbon Fiber front lip spoiler, removed the side marker lights, Black wheels, removed the roof antenna, removed all body "Build" lines, Aircraft fuel fillers, special black paint trim, custom CF racing wing, custom rear CF Defuser.

Breaks; Wilwood racing brakes, 6 piston front, 4 piston rear.

Suspension: Lotus Sport 350, (Extra stiff). Roll Bar.

Interior: Custom seats, 5 point racing seat belts, custom paint, custom boost gage (LED), Cruise Control, 600 watt Pioneer NAV/CD/DVD system with XM radio, rear T.V. camera, and enough speakers and sub-woofers to effect your hearing.

Engine: Forged pistons, Larger injectors, custom inter-coolers with blow off valves, re-worked free flow Turbos, Race "High Torque" chip, heavy duty radiators and fuel pump, Straight exhaust pipes & CF tips, Fantastic sound) Limited Slip Differential, balanced and Blueprinted. 500 + H.P.


After all this time, it is still a thrill every time I drive it.

Here are some more more recent ones:


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