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Florian Korner's 1980

Florian Korner from Zug, Switzerland, owns a 1980 Esprit S2 in British Racing Green with a Brown/Beige Interior.


Year: 1980
Colour: British Racing Green
Interior: Brown/Beige
Driving Style: Careful
Miles per year: 2 – 4,000
Owned Since: October 2000
Purchase from: Kumschick, Schötz
Serviced at: Schaffner Racing, Birmensdorf
Other Cars: None
Previous Lotus': This is my first but surely not my last Lotus
Why an Esprit: Because this is the most beautiful car I know
Upgrades: Everything as new
Problems: Only the problems you have with all cars
Info: This car has only had 1 previous owner before I bought the car



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