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Brigitte Anschuetz's 2000

Brigitte Anschuetz from Texas, USA owns a 2000 V8 in Aluminium, with a Black leather interior.


Year: 2000
Colour: Aluminium
Interior: Black
Driving Style: Fast
Miles per year: 4,000 - 8,000
Owned Since: October 2004
Purchase from: Autostrada, Austin/Texas
Serviced at: Autostrada and by a friend in FL
Other Cars: BMW 525i
Previous Lotus': None
Why an Esprit: most exciting car I've ever driven (which have been everything from Porsche to Mercedes to BMW to Volvos and other misc and sundry cars)
Upgrades: new Daytona steering wheel from TMTuning, new Xenon headlights, Sport 350 wheels (were actually put in in Hethel during production so I'm one of the lucky ones with these wheels on a non-350 car), little things like better airfilters and sparkplugs, and a short antenna, planning to upgrade the radiator and exhaust system some time next year
Problems: None so far, not counting having picked up a nasty whack in my right rear wheel from something in the road (contruction debris) in one of my wheels (will get that fixed shortly). Car ran flawlessly on its first really long drive (1400 miles practically non-stop)
Info: My own Lotus purchase is the direct result of having had the opportunity to drive Kevin Maier's Esprit and just falling in love with the car. Now the proud owner of one (same model year as Kevin's) and just loving it.



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