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Brett Vernon's 1986

Brett Vernon from Essex, England, owns a 1986 Esprit S3 in Red with a Cream Leather Interior.


Year: 1986
Colour: Red
Interior: Cream Leather
Driving Style: Careful
Miles per year: Dont know yet!
Owned Since: June 2003
Purchase from: Private Sale
Serviced at: Dont know yet...(suggestions welcome...near to home please)
Other Cars: Wifes Toyota Yaris
Previous Lotus': None
Why an Esprit: Well its the James Bond thing..i sat in one of the original ones used in the film when i was 6...been hooked ever since.I just missed out on buying a white Series 2 with Series 1 wheels, but now have my red S3 which (so far) im happy with, ive only spent £30 on repairs (lost the nut and bolt on the gear linkage thingy), although its early days!!!
Upgrades: New nut and bolt! (see above), new MOMO millenium steering wheel (yes it does fit on the old boss). New chrome gear knob, with a rather fetching cover (golf club cover) bought by my mum from a boot sale!
Problems: Oil leak from gearbox and a rather strange noise over my right shoulder, i think theres a lotus worker still in the petrol tank.
Info: Im deffinately no mechanic, but im learning all the time on the forums, best Lotus site on the Net. Good job Kato!



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