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Racing 'Stevens' Esprits

1996 Lotus Esprit V8 GT-1 Racer
see more pics of the racer here and even more info at the dedicated site

Official picture of the V8 GT1 Racer. See more about this Racecar at



No info on these racers yet, but they are 1992 SE Highwings for must have raced in the early ninties!

Every year when we’ve been to Le Mans, I’ve seen a mural on the wall next to one of the main roads on the way in to the circuit that has a race esprit depicted.. never managed to get a pic of it, until last week

Supplied by Rob Ellis

Garrett Esprit
US , Grand AM Cup car that we campaigned a couple years ago in the Grand AM series. Entered by the Rapier Racing Stables in Atlanta GA.

Yesteryear Motorsports X180 Race cars
supplied by Brian Skeoch

These pictures were taken last weekend (1st May 2005) at the Walter Mitty Historic races at Road Atlanta race way, US.


The team drive is Ken Fitzgerald. The team is Yesteryear Motorsports out of Baltimore MD ( USA ) . The team currently owns 3 of the 5 X180 Race Cars built. The next race is Mid Ohio Race way in approx a month.

The team is campaigning the cars this entire season in the historic racing series and another sanctioning body here in the US.


Lotu Sport team update from the USA
Update: July 2006

Hello, our last race was great fun. we had tv coverage and we were on the tv show called Sports car revolution which is a Canadian based tv program but is seen world wide. The show is dedicated to sports car fans all over the world. . We had 2 of the 5 cars on the track for the tv filming for the weekend which was a great success. We also used one of the team cars to hold cameras for the tv show which filmed track action and simulated passing for the show. We raced and finished well and the entire weekend was a complete success Best of all, we received a lot of exposure to the world wide viewing audience .

Our star interview was former factory Lotus X180 R driver and team winner David Murry. David was interviewed on tv which was seen all over the world. If you have not seen the episode, tune in all summer as the show will repeat 12 more times before the end of the year.

If you do not have Sports car revolution in the UK or Europe, please let me know and I will see about getting you a copy of the show.

Our next race is 8/17 at the Mid Ohio race track in the State of Ohio ( USA )

We will finish up the year at Road Atlanta for our fall finale and will also end the season with our 2nd annual Lotu Sport team reunion. We will have 2 team cars and several drivers past and present. This will be great fun and I will give you an update following our next race 8/06


Brian Skeoch
Public Relations Director
Lotu Sport Racing
770-712-8077 ( USA )







1994 Lotus Esprit Turbo Le Mans Racer



Supplied by PistonHeads.com





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