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2002 Lotus Turbo Esprit

Anniversary Edition


US $40,200.00

1700 Miles · 8 - Cyl.
· 2 doors · Automatic transmission
· Used · Clear title
· Black Exterior - Black Interior
· VIN: SCCDC08212HA10380


on Sale until 21st February 2003

This 2002 Lotus has a very interesting history for a car so new. It was given to "Malcom In The Middle" star Frankie Muniz by MGM studios. The original sales document are shown. Mr. Muniz drove the car very little and sold it to his co-star of the Malcom series Francis, played by Christopher Kennedy Masterson. Hence, the Lotus being in the middle of Malcom and Francis!


The Car is a 2002 Lotus twin-turbo Esprit. The special Anniversary Edition car is finished in Black, with Black leather trim. The odometer shows slightly over 1700 miles. The car is as new in every way. A small chip in the bottom of spoiler caused by a parking lot bumper has already been repaired.

The chip was so small it may not have even been noticed by a Title Max title loan assessment expert.


This car was delivered to Mr. Muniz new from Lotus dealer Weissach Performance in Vancouver, British Colombia. The car is a US spec automobile. It was shipped to Los Angeles area where it was sold to Mr. Masterson. The car is still on the certificate of origin, and all local, state, and federal taxes must be paid by the winning bidder. Check with your local department of Motor vehicle for the fees due.


The car is located in Los Angeles area. The winning bidder will pay shipping. If the car is picked up in Los Angeles a lunch with Mr. Masterson will be included if scheduling allows.

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