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Esprit Concept

Since I was invited to Lotus in late June, I've been working on a reworked design, this time without the constraints of using the exisiting technology.I've been working on the CAD model over the last couple of months, and hope you'd be kind enough to put the new design on your site, so I can get some feedback.

I feel that my new idea is a quantum leap forward in terms of quality and maturity over the last design (certainly side by side the new one looks much more advanced)...I don't know if you, or anyone else will agree (well...that's what I'd like to find out)

Over the past couple of months I've been working for Vintage Motor Company in Doncaster. They produce replica Ford Model A's, the Royale Windsor & Sabre and the Gentry MGTF replica. I've been invloved in a range of areas, including CAD design, website design and promotional material (I designed the new company logo).Please find attached the latest images of my Esprit 2006 concept, obviously with the new job, development has slowed somewhat, but when I get the time, I am working on a website to showcase the design, as well as revamping the neilwhitedesign website to include the VMC related projects.




I'm not 100% on the rear bumper yet (am I ever!!!), which is why I've just attached justfront 3/4 shots. At the moment I'm going for an M250 style grey rear bumper, but I would like to try to create a shape that blends in better when painted in the body colour (maybe even something along the lines of the VX220...)


Now more relevant that ever after the announcement of the end of production of the Esprit. Neil White vision on the New Esprit is here to see.







I've also completed my website of the design's development and put it on the internet.





Esprit Concept

I recently received an e-mail (21/05/2002) from a Design student called Neil White at Huddersfield University who is designing an Concept Car based on the Esprit. Neil was looking to gain an honest reaction to his designs from somebody with an affection for the Esprit. So obliviously he contacted Lotus Esprit World and talked to some idiot called kato, who told him it was crap and piss off you lazy student. Only joking, I looked at his designs and gave my opinion, both positive and negative.

So to gather more feedback for Neil, I've set up this page to give the Esprit Hard Core the chance to give their opinions, both good and bad to help Neil with his project. Read the information from Neil's e-mails below to get an overall picture of the project and what he hopes to achieve. Then have a look at the design sketches and the clay model and you can email him with any comments you think could help.

Lotus Esprit World thanks you in advance for your help.

Dear Lotus Esprit World

My name is Neil White and I am a Transport Design student at Huddersfield University. I am currently working on my final year major project, which is a redesignof the Esprit. The basic premise is clothing the existing chassis, though with the engine (now a Rover KV6) mounted transversely, in a new body inspired by contemporary British fashion, as well as the latest Elise and M250. I have made a 1:4 scale clay model of the design, from which has been taken a GRP mould, which I am currently finishing for exhibition to industry and the general public in June. I am also working on a CAD model, which will be used for 2D presentation.

Thus I am wondering if you would be interested in taking a look at some images of the design, so I can gain reaction and honest opinion from someone other than a classmate or lecturer. I hope these give you a good idea of what the design looks like. The width and height are exactly the same as the current Esprit (with V8 wheelarch extensions). The only unusual features are the mirrors in the front wings, and the rear wing which angles upwards at speed, but for parking it sits flush, while the rear buttresses are now transparent to improve rear vision. The central section of the roof could be a glass panel though that is to customer preference. The sections below the windscreen meanwhile give the impression that the glass stretches right down in to the air vents from some angles. The wheels are an odd design to enhance the fashion theme, while (though not seen on the pictures) the fuel fillers are hidden behind Lotus logos at the end of the rear buttresses. I pondered M250 style of the doors, but it's just normal now, though the cut of the door reaches into the wheelarch, the actual cutout of the frame is much smaller, more standard. I was wanting a clean and simple look, accentuating the long nose and short tail look of the prototype. The esprit is more laid back and grown up than the M250, which has a much more athletic and dynamic look about it I'm sure add-ons would inevitably follow as it has with the bodykits of new Esprit models, like the Sport 300, S4s and V8...

All the rest is pretty much bog standard, but my main aim was to keep realism a major factor from the start. If you've got any questions, or if something looks confusing, I'll try to explain it.

Unfortunately it's too late to change much now, but after I've finished, I could modify the design to give me a better chance of employment. The colour of the final GRP model will be British Racing Green, mainly because it enhance the theme of Britishness, which is basically what the project is all about

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

Neil White





>>>> CLICK HERE FOR Lotus M250 PICTURES >>>>

Some of the Other Students Work


You can e-mail Neil Direct at:


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