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Wellesbourne Wings and Wheels

Each year in June, the Vulcan Club at Wellesbourne hold their annual Fast Taxi Run combined with a supporting Classic Car show. This year was set for the 19th June.

This year, members of the Yahoo and Unity1 forums attended and were invited by the Vulcan club to place their vehicles in front of the Vulcan for a quick photo opportunity.

As priveladged guests, the group were given ringside seats right beside were the Vulcan was parked up.

The line up of all these freshly cleaned and polished Esprits was very impressive

John Day (S4), Adam Gumbiner (S4s), Maurice Milne (88 Turbo), Jeremy Edwards (S4s), Bill Andrews (91 NA),Peter Maeers (V8),David McKenna (GT3) Jonathan Edwards (GT3), Paul Tyrell (88 Turbo), Mike Ring (GT3)

At 2 o'clock, the main event began, when the Vulcan was powered up and taxied onto the runway for its own photo session followed by its fast taxi run.

Thanks to David McKenna for these video clips
Vulcan taxiing
Vulcan high speed

Once the Vulcan had parked up, the Esprits were then called forward ready for the photos

A collection was made by the group and a donation of over 100 pounds was collected and presented to Gary Lewis, the main organiser from the Vulcan Club.

The Grand Result
The photos were taken by Red Morris of Pixel Studios and is selling copies of the print in an 18x5 format in either a glossy of lustre finish for 12 pounds each including postage. For all enquiries contact him at mail@pixelsstudios.com with your address, choice of glossy or lustre. Payment is accepted by cheque or bank transfer.

Pictures will be produced at professional printers and will not have the logos., just before the 'Payment is accepted by cheque or bank transfer.

This event was organised by Adam Gumbiner and Maurice Milne.

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