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Sydney Esprits

March 2011
Another drive and today we had the F430 and Lambo turn up. There was Steve's X180 and new member Justin also with the X180(black) that he recently imported from the U.K.

3 regular Esprits did not make it today as otherwise will have more of us in the pics!

Excellent weather conditions with a top of 22 degrees. We met the the Road Warrior Cafe around 0730hrs (yours truly was late = slept in!) and then took off at 0830hrs for approximately 50 km drive through some beautiful windy roads that only our cars would appreciate. Although today's road surface seems a bit rough and coming off the barge I scarped the lip spoiler and took out the rubber. Last time it was fine and today I think it was the angle of the ramp which seemed higher. No worries, just have to flue it back on and tighten up some bolts!


September 2010
The usual meeting place:
At a Mcdonald's car park usually between 0700-0730hrs, quick meet & greet & coffee and head off for our drive.

What do we do:

One of the boys would find or know a good route and lead the drive. Usually out in the country/outskirts of Sydney. So far our drive is centred around the Central Coast which is an hour's drive north of Sydney and has beautiful scenery and windy roads of course! We have also made a run up the mountain to Katoomba which is an hour west of Sydney and a popular tourist destination and windy roads too. I had mounted a camera in my Esprit on a run up the mountain and posted on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIfFR5LEOhI

The drive is usually for about 2 hours and we end up at a cafe for brunch = late breakfast early lunch. Share/chat about all things mechanical/Esprit boys talk! Then we all disperse and head home by about 11a.m. We have been doing this since Nov 2009 and had 4 of such drives. The next one is October 17th and this time we are going south to Stanwell Tops along the ocean and is about an hour south of Sydney.

While some of us belong to the Lotus Club in Sydney, it is not a club drive as such. Although one of the club members have started posting our drive to the rest of the Lotus Club which comprise all things Lotus; Elans, Europas, Elises. This has added a couple of "extras" to our drive but seems to be out of place with Esprits of course. But still a good social outing.


The Esprit regular crew:

Geoff: Red 1990 SE (front updated to a 1994 S4)

Steve: Red 1988 Esprit Turbo X180

Danny: Burgundy 1994 S4

Allan: Silver 350 Sport V8 #14

Paul: Black 1995 S4

Robert: Black 1984 Esprit

Ian: Yellow 1996 V8.....unfortunately Ian has yet t make to any of our drives as his V8 has been off the ground fixing up bits and pieces = all good though and looks to be ready in a few weeks now.

and finally yours truly: Yellow 1997 V8

Mike Lee (lotusesprit@me.com)

Update April 2012
Our recent run with the Esprit boys in Sydney. One of the guys brought this E63 AMG and the darn thing is fast!I think I am in love with AMG! May sell the Esprit now! Lol


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