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Supercar Sunday 2007
17th June 2007

Lotus Esprit World was finally able to attend Supercar Sunday on 17th June 2007 after missing the last few. The event was held at The Heritage Motor Centre, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwick. As usual a Pre-Meet was arrange to get everyone together and to have a chat before heading to the show!


Meeting in a pub carpark about a mile from the show, the Esprits gathered! We turned up about 9.20am with the convoy set to leave at 9.50am. A good turnout of cars and plenty of friendly faces. After watching all the Lambo's going past at the top of the road, we left for the show!


Lotus Esprit's

Great turn out by the Esprits! Around 35 cars in total with most of the different models on display. S2, G-Turbo, SE, S4, S4s, GT3, V8, S350. Not bad and although we didn't count. We recond that there was more Esprits there than any other model!


The Sun came and went and the rain stayed away. Thanks to Dave and Alan for bring the gasebo, table, chairs, food and drink! All packed into two V8-GT! Doors decided to go for the most unclean car at the show award, with half a tree at the bottom of the windscreen!


Project BigSi

The Si Project got a public airing, with BigSi's car out on display and the big man and Simon giving an interview over the loud speakers. Great work done by the Esprit community, the work that's been done is brilliant! Keep it clean Si! Read about it at the Lotus Esprit Forum.com



Everyone's favourite pin-up. Looks like a great turn out for such a rare sight on British roads. Didn't count them, but there must have been 15 odd Lambos. The four main models were there and some where in very good condition! It's almost like they don't drive them and just polish them! Surely not! Still they were the stars of the show, as nothing Hyper really turned up.



Only one Delorean turned up! Hung out with the Lambo's. Guess it's the doors!



Only 24 Porsche's on the day. For a company that produces 10,000 911's a year, you might think a few more would turn-up. But then again, you don't buy a Porsche with you heart! Plenty of 911's as you'd expect and a couple of GT3's and Believe it or not the most extreme car on the day was a Porsche! The GT was a probably the most expensive Supercar at the show! (don't quote me). Brilliant engineering, but doesn't pull the heart strings!




Seems the 'Dancing Donkey's' made it out of the Donkey Sanctuary! Quite a few different models.



Plenty of Otherstuff at the show! Including TVR's, Vipers, Skylines and a Bugatti. The strangest thing was at something called Supercar Sunday, they let in the Toyota MR2 Mk1 Club and the Mazada MX-5 Club! Sports cars yes! Supercars NO! There was also a BMW M5, which although has Supercar performance, isn't a supercar and one of those Porsche 'Off-Roaders'. Again, not a supercar!


Clubs at SS07

Auto Adrenalin UK Mid Essex TVR Car Club Skyline Owners Club
Buckinghamshire Ferrari Mid Kent TVR Club Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club
Chiltern 7s Morgan Sports Car Club TVR Car Club
Club Lotus Cambridgeshire MR2 Mk1 Club TVR Tamora Car Club
GTROC MX-5 Owners Club Viper Club of America
Lamborghini Wycombe Northants Ferrari Owners Z Club
Lotus Esprit Club Porsche Club  


Entry to the show also got you into the museum, which was worth a look around!


A old car cut in half was an interesting highlight!


Thunderbirds FAB1 was quite a sight!


A few Supercars could be found inside, including this Vanquish and a Diablo with it's racing brother! The mini metro was part of another display!!!!! You can walk around the edge of the circular building and the display followed the cars development in decades.


LEW's Verdict on Supercar Sunday 2007

It was a good day overall. Not expensive, plenty to see, plenty going on. Go-karting, Off roading for a little extra cash. The museum was fun the organisation wasn't too bad and the location was great! A good day out for little money. The only reall disappointment was the Supercars themselves. Although there was plenty there! The was a distinct lack of Hypercars. No Ferrari Enzo's, No Mclaren F1's, No Koenigsegg, No Ultima GTRs, No Saleen's, No Jaguar XJ220, No Pagani Zonda's, No Bugatti Veyron's (although there was an EB110). No Mercedes SLR, No Porsche 959 (although we did get the Porsche Carrera GT, which was hidden away behind the lambos) and No Maserati MC12.

That and the fact that we had, as mentioned above, Toyota MR2's, Mazada MX-5, BMW M5, and a Honda Civic, it sort of made it feel less 'Supercar' and more 'Sportscar'. But it was still a great day and the cars mentioned in the paragraph above are hypercars really, rare and probably won't come out with the possibility of rain, which we had all week!

Would we go again? Yes. Would be advise you to go? Yes. Will we be going next year? More than likely!


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