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Stoneleigh 2004 Parts Fair
21st November 2004

Lotus Esprit World attended the Club Lotus Parts Fair at Stoneleigh for the second year running. As last year LEW and yahoo! arranged a pre-meeting at the Porridge Pott which is about 10 minutes from the NCA at Stoneleigh where the parts fair is held. Unfortunately the weather wasn't exactly Esprit friendly, but the pre-meeting was still attended by owners from Cornwall up to Liverpool!


Around 30+ Esprit met up for the convoy to the parts fair, with owners meeting up around the country on the way. Again a great turn-out of plenty of different models and a few owners without Esprits made the effort to join in.


Karl's GT3 had it's first public outing since it's remodelling! There seemed to be plenty of interest in the work that's been done. You really need to see it in the flesh (or fibre-glass) to see all the detailing. It definately made the pre-meet a little more interesting!


As usual the pre-meet convoy was a little difficult to keep together, especially with the large roundabout with traffic lights almost as soon as we leave the pub helping to split everyone up nicely! But the A45 stretch gives everybody time to re-form and we entered Stoneleigh in a nice long procession. Unfortunately the Club Lotus organisation wasn't upto scratch and people where forced to park scattered around the venue. Taking the focal point of these meetings, the carpark, away from the day. A big disappointment.


Inside (after paying £5) was the same as most years, although a little light on some of the bigger stands, with plenty of old second-hand parts and some new shiny stuff to help you part with your 'hard earnt'. South West Lotus Centre again turned up with a great stand and getting anywhere near it was a bit of a challenge! Without the carpark as a meeting point for everyone to talk Esprit, the whole event seemed very 'uneventful' and LEW didn't stay too long.

But at the end of the day, it's about getting the Esprits out for a drive and meeting up with other owners, not about looking at parts in an old shed. So although it was a disappointing day, we all still got out for a drive and met up with friends, which is really what it's all about.

If you have any comments, please email LEW at admin@lotusespritworld.com and they can be added to this page.

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