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Motoring experts have named the Porsche 911 as the greatest-ever high-performance car.

Auto Express magazine picked the Porsche from more than 60 fast cars over a period of more than 50 years."The Porsche 911 is a classic in every sense of the word," said Auto Express editor- in-chief David Johns.

The experts chose the best performance car from each of the last six decades and then picked a winner. The finalists were:

1950-59: Lotus Seven
1960-69: Jaguar E-Type
1970-79: Lotus Esprit
1980-89: Ford Sierra Cosworth
1990-99: McLaren F1
2000-05: Porsche 911

Mr Johns said: "These are all winners, but only one of them has got what it takes to be crowned overall champion. The Porsche 911 has the best bits of all the others and none of the flaws.

"The latest version is the most mature performance vehicle money can buy. It's the result of continuous, fastidious development since the first model's launch in 1963."

Lotus Esprit World's Comments
Not a great poll to crown the 'Greatest Ever High Performance Car and how the Porsche can win it only from 2000-05 is a little off. It's the newest car of the list! Saying that, the 911 is the best performing supercar over the last 30 years so it's title isn't that hard to bare.

Nice to see the early Esprit get some credit from the 'Experts' for it's impact in the 70's. Funny really as all the 'Experts' said it under performed during most roadtests and the turbo wasn't produced until 1980! Also nice to see Lotus represented twice in the list with the Lotus Seven in the 50's.

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