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LEW Power Day
Hangar 111 @ Ipswich, Norfolk
Date: TBA

Lotus Esprit World Power Day will be a pre-arranged Saturday when we can take a group of Esprits to a facility to test our cars power outputs. Basically a Rolling Road day. It should be a good day and will also end some arguments on power issues. Especially if cars are done on the same day on the same equipment. It will also be used to test how certain mods improve bhp and torque. We really need a minimum of 15 cars to make the day work and can do a maximum of 25 if we start early enough. The day would start at 9.30am and finish at 4pm.

LEW will request the presents of a Lotus Engineer for the day to give out some knowledge on the day. I'm sure Lotus will find the event interesting. This will be confirmed nearer the first event.

To registar an interest in this event. Please email admin@lotusespritworld.com and we will set a date. If we get enough interest and then deposit paying owners, this event will go ahead. It's up to you, the owners, to decide if you want this sort of event.

The rollers are a state of the art setup which runs in a climate controlled booth (although this time of year it's not really necessary). The fans can simulate up to 75 mph, so cooling won't be an issue for the Esprit. They have already run several Esprit Turbos and cooling wasn't an issue.

Price per car on a dedicated LEW power day will be £50. A deposit of £20 will be taken to book your place, with the following £30 required on the day.

The LEW Power Day will include the following:

1. Drinks and nibbles: Pizza, dips soft drinks, coffee, tea etc.
2. Seating Area: With tables where you can watch proceedings.
3. A Power Run: This includes a gearing run to gather the tranmission data from the car, followed by one or two power runs to capture the power and torque figures. This is also a great way to determine where performance problems are and see if turbos are functioning correctly etc. They can also test boost pressure if required.
4. A Commemorative Event Folder: This will be flashed with the LEW logo and will contain a print-out detailing the results along with a colour image of the car on the rollers.
5. Diagnostics Clinic: Discuss any problems or requirements you might have with the cars. There will be turbo and exhaust system specialists in-house and can provide quotations for any work (body, suspension or servicing) that visitors might want to enquire about.
6. A display of Quicksilver stainless performance exhaust systems for all Esprits.
7. On-Site Photographer (when available): To take shorts of the cars, people and general hubbub of the day which can supply at a small additional cost after the event.

Sadly there won't be any work performed on the day (other than very minor items) as it will be too busy will operating the rollers and manning the shop – which gets quite busy on a Saturday!

There will be some official merchandise and Esprit accessories for members to browse and/or buy in the shop on the day. This can be an Xmas shopping type this if you want.

It's a great social event, and a good way to treat you're Esprit to something a bit special in the winter when the roads aren't as much fun.


If you want any Official Merchandise, parts, accessories etc. please let us know in advance so we can order them in for the day. email is info@hangar111.com.

The ST-V8 Catalyst Conversion from the standard cats.
These were still warm from assembly when the images were taken! Priced (definately!) at £269.99+vat per side. Free UK return postage, 10% off to LEW members and 2 year warranty. They are actually very nice - our guy is a true genius. We can also arrange conversion of these via Lotus dealers and in future we should be able to turn them around in 3 to 5 working days.

Questions Answered

Q. What Max BHP can the rollers handle?

A. Hangar 111's rollers are good for around 1000hp and allow mapping of cars up to 500hp. In terms of accuraccy, our dyno put one of the last built V8 Esprit's bang on factory spec. It is sadly all too common for people who have spent a large amount of money on modifications where the final dyno results are disappointing to rant about rolling roads being innaccurate. This leads to mass hysteria and the rumours spread. H111 have performed extensive before and after testing of the their Elise and seen predictable results from the standard car through to the results expected after modifying. All other cars we have had on there have been close to stated figures and/or factory figures and if the figures have been higher or lower than expected it is usually for an easy to spot reason (e.g. duff management, poor quality fuel, turbo actuator misadjusted etc.). What H111 say is that their Hyper Dyno unit is a high-end derivative where both rollers are loaded - by this they mean that super accurate data is gathered during the gearing run and while the power run is being executed. In fact it's so advanced you can put some cars on there, connect up the ECU and it will take you through a self-mapping process where all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions for the rpm that the rollers would like you to hold - the fuelling is then setup automatically! Sadly not for any Lotus vehicles!

Q. Holding an Esprit down is actually very hairly from what we've heard. An Esprit on another roller went of it's dyno gauge, two people had to sit in the boot to hold it down.

A. Holding the Esprit down is actually quite straightforward and we have run a number of them without any problems. E.g. If a monstrous 800bhp/550lbft Skyline can't move, then the Esprit certainly won't! The way I have configured the rollers for Lotus cars is totally friendly on the suspension and chassis. If a car has been considerably lowered from standard, then the only difficulty is getting it into the rollers, but we haven't seen one yet!

Q. Can Freescan log files or ODBII be hooked up duing the runs?

A. There is nothing 'required' for doing a run unless you want to connect a device to collect live readings from a compatible ECU while
the car is on the rollers. We have access to the Lotus test tool for the V8 if that is any use, but I'm not sure of its logging capabilities.

Q. Do you have full exhaust gas analysis, we need real time A/F ratios?

A. Air/Fuel reading not a problem and is essential for workign with Turbo cars. We have a nice device that we can poke up yer tail pipe and put the readings on the printed graph with the torque and bhp for comparison.

As far as Hangar 111 are concerned you won't find a better equipped or well maintained roller setup and our guys here really know what they are doing. They couldn't prepare highly tuned turbo and supercharged cars and the Emerald M3dK ECU without knowing the rollers inside out.

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