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from Lotus Cars Ltd
23 October 2012

It’s fantastic to finally celebrate today’s Royal Première of ‘Skyfall’ at the Royal Albert Hall in London after what feels like years of anticipation!

Lotus Cars has a close bond with ‘Bond’ ever since taking 007 underwater in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ in a submersible Esprit, and we think that qualifies as the coolest Bond-car manoeuvre ever, but maybe the new movie has a trick or two to compete with that! We’ll soon find out, but in the meantime enjoy some of our favourite “never-seen-before” snaps from the “For-Your-Eyes-Only” files in our archive!

Lotus Cars Ltd
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John Moreno (Ferrara) in front of a perfect Lotus Esprit Turbo in For Your Eyes Only colours at Cortina ice stadium.

An Esprit outside the Odeon for the Premiere of For Your Eyes Only..


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